Friday, August 30, 2013

Dishwashers are amazing...

What is a Virtual Appliance?

The first time a housewife learns that a dishwasher can reduce time and stress and easily integrates soap, detergent, and water with a cleaning and drying mechanism she really gets the concept of using appliances to do your daily chores. 

So what does this have to do with supply chain software you say?

Well it's simple really...
The MDS System is now available as a virtual appliance, you will see lots more information on the specifics in the coming weeks.  And we will be announcing availability on the competing platforms:

  • Vmware
  • IBM Pure
  • Amazon EC2
  • HyperV 
  • Xen
  • VirtualBox
  • KVM

But in it simplest form, it turns the complexity and hard work often associated with installing a server , setting up a database and configuring Enterprise Resource planning software into a quick and easy operation. 

Benefits of Virtual Appliances

Q: What benefits do virtual appliances offer over traditional software?
A: Traditional software as sold by software vendors have to be customized to a variety of hardware platforms. Once shipped to end customers they are often difficult to deploy and configure. Virtual Appliances are pre-packaged and so help reduce the time to market for Software Developers, reduce complexity of installation and configuration for their end users and hence reduce support costs.
Q: What benefits do virtual appliances offer over hardware appliances?
A: A virtual appliance extends the concept of a hardware appliance by offering the same benefits in a far more dynamic, scalable, and flexible way. Virtual appliances eliminate the need for custom or 3rd party physical hardware and enable solutions to be run on a virtualization platform.
Q: How do virtual appliances enhance the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model?
A: With virtual appliances, IT organizations can maintain their applications and data within a virtual appliance in their own data centers for peace of mind and security. Virtual appliances also have a more traditional fee structure, eliminating the risk of unpredictable storage, bandwidth, and per seat costs of SaaS. In addition, virtual appliances can be used as a delivery mechanism for any software on an IA-32 x86 platform, including custom built software. For Software Developers virtual appliances do not require expensive reengineering of the application to support multi-tenancy. 
Want more information on how your can move your operations to the Cloud using an MDS Virtual Appliance?

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Cloud Hosting 

  • Your Choice of OS: 32/64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Server,Windows Server 32/64-Bit
  • Single IP Address for Access
  • Per GB monthly access charge (contact for pricing)
  • Simple Single monthly Access Cost , Server and Software

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