Friday, October 30, 2020

Ways to grow your business during the pandemic (CardKnox Gateway)

Regardless of how you feel about our postal services, they have had to shoulder a larger load due to the pandemic. Shipping services like UPS, Fedex etc. have also felt the heavier load and that translates into higher costs for shipping product slower deliveries and higher costs to service your customers. So how can we do our part to reduce the load on the USPS? 

We are exploring some new ways to grow your business in the pandemic by leveraging some new technology. 

Like many businesses, TSH has moved to a telecommuting model and will no longer have the ability to receive and process physical payments on a daily basis. Consequently, we are transitioning  to accepting only digital payment forms including ACH, Wire, and credit card payments. It would seem that is the direction many companies are moving in, and we would encourage you to do so as well. 

Todays message is about Electronic Payments 

TSH is now proud to announce our latest Electronic Payment Partner.

Cardknox, a new payment gateway integration for The Systems House. Cardknox currently supports many unique features to avoid credit card processing frustrations, and includes a wide range of advanced features to greatly simplify your day-to-day procedures.

  • Easily Process both Partial and Unlinked Credits with no additional paperwork

  • Automatic Account Updater Tool to Reduce Card-On-File Declines

  • ACH Processing Supported for decreased rates and increased dispute protection

The quick and simple switch to Cardknox will also provide you with a host of other features, including:

  • Data Tokenization & Secure Storage of Payment Information

  • Ability to process Quick Sale transactions

  • Intelligent Routing for Optimized Rates 

  • Expedited Amex Funding - even with Amex Direct accounts

  • Avoid Rate Downgrades with Capture Optimizer 

  • Recurring Payment Scheduling

  • Built in 3-D Secure Technology 

  • EMV Capability for Card Present Payments

  • Simplified PCI Compliance

  • White Glove Customer Support

Make the move toward reduced overhead costs and improved operations, and get access to Cardknox’s customer service teams for hands-on support with all things payments.

To learn more about Cardknox or to get started, please visit or click below.

Click Here

If you have any further questions about the Cardknox integration just give us a call.

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Monday, October 26, 2020

Well what do we do now? FDA Enforcement Update


Pharma Information Update

Stay on top of the latest requirements

As many of you may be getting questions or have concerns about your compliance and changing rules to the DSCSA and Pharma specific issues, we are offering our pharma update webinar and blast emails. 

Well it's been a year - how have things changed?  Not Much it would seem... 

November 2019: FDA Announces Enforcement Discretion Guidance for DSCSA Verification Requirement
FDA has announced that, given concerns expressed by stakeholders and to minimize possible disruptions in the pharmaceutical distribution supply chain, it does not intend to act against wholesale distributors who do not, prior to November 27, 2020, verify a product identifier before distributing a returned product as required under the DSCSA. 


October 2020: FDA Announcement Regarding Certain Wholesale Distributor and Dispenser Verification Requirements Under DSCSA

Today, the Food and Drug Administration announced a final guidance regarding enforcement of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements for wholesale distributor verification of saleable returned products and dispenser verification of the product identifier for suspect and illegitimate product.

  • FDA does not intend to take action against wholesale distributors who do not, prior to November 27, 2023, verify a product identifier prior to further distributing returned product as required under the DSCSA. This provides wholesale distributors three additional years to comply with this requirement.
  • FDA also does not intend to take action against dispensers who do not, prior to November 27, 2023, verify the product identifier for suspect or illegitimate product in the dispenser’s possession or control. This provides dispensers three additional years to comply with this requirement.

Please contact with questions about this announcement.

Having said that, We still need to address the issue, we just have a little more time.

So to all our clients or potential clients facing a growing list of vendors telling them how they need a solution right now, you have some breathing room. And perhaps some time to properly evaluate your best path forward. 

If an integrated solution from a trusted source seems like it might be a better option, feel free to join our mailing list, or reach out to us for a discussion on how to make sure your systems are compliant and Future Proof, with a software partner dedicated to your industry. 

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Friday, October 23, 2020

4 Tips for Tapping Into B2B Buyer Emotions

Did you know that for B2B buyers, personal value actually has 2x the impact of business value? 
At some point, we’ve all made emotional impulse purchases. A candy bar in the checkout line at the grocery store, a fancy new putter at the golf store, or a flashy red sports car with the gas mileage of a three-ton semi-truck — whatever the item, very rarely do we actually need these things.

Yet, while frivolous, we’re able to justify those purchases because they don’t often cause financial ruin. 
For growing B2B companies in the market for new business solutions, however, the same can’t really be said. After all, purchasing those products and services often requires navigating a complex buying process, and choosing the right solution can sometimes make or break the business.  With so much riding on that decision, there’s no room for emotional, impulse decision-making, right?

Or maybe there is.

According to a new whitepaper from Google, when it comes to making purchasing decisions,
 the personal value a B2B solution offers has twice the impact of the business value it provides. 

In other words, B2B customers do become emotionally attached to the brands they work with — more so, in fact, than their B2C counterparts.

With that said, does this mean you’re going about your B2B marketing all wrong? let's take a closer look. 

 Appeal to the Elephant, Not Just the Rider

One of the best  analogies as it relates to the importance of appealing to both the rational and emotional sides of B2B buyers is the metaphor of “winning the elephant and the rider,” which originated from the works of social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, and bestselling authors Chip and Dan Heath.

Elephant and the Rider - Behavioral Change - YouTube

If you look at a man riding an elephant, you might presume that because the rider is holding the reins that he’s in control — that’s the rational side in all of us. But forgetting about the influence of the elephant — the emotional, visceral, and almost automatic force that actually performs the action — is a mistake.
“While the rider and the elephant, the rational and emotional, won’t necessarily be in constant, open conflict, there’s also no guarantee that the two will agree,” Schmidt explains. “This is where we maybe know what we should do, but we don’t necessarily do it. And that’s where the analogy is very powerful. You have a very small rider and a very big elephant. And if the two disagree, who’s your money on?”

 Address Buyers’ Fears

Think for a moment about the potential risk any of us are willing to take as B2C consumers. If you’re buying an iPad, it might do all of things you want and your spouse might disagree with the need to purchase it, but the relative risk is pretty low.
As executives, however, the risk of making a large investment in software or technology — say, a CRM solution — is significantly higher. It could be a multi-million dollar purchase and that’s a potentially career or business-altering decision.
Understanding Buyer Fear“If we don’t think about what it takes to overcome that risk from a personal, emotional perspective, then we’re missing where we as marketers should really be focusing,” Schmidt says. “Ultimately, if you don’t overcome buyers’ fears and you fail to address those risks, then you can pull on the reins all day and the elephant still won’t go anywhere.”

 Highlight Personal Benefits, Not Just Business Benefits

Going back to the  whitepaper, it’s important to remember that personal value has twice the impact on a B2B purchase that business value does.
Accordingly, marketers have been successful at proving business value to their prospects and customers over the last few years. That value can be demonstrated through statistical or financial analysis, or easily enumerated via tools like an ROI calculator. But as the study shows, B2B buying decisions are about much more than dollars and cents.Benefits of a Personal Development Plan: Quick Read Overview
Personal value matters, and those attributes include the emotions we’ve already talked about, including aspects of confidence, excitement, and happiness,
 like whether their product might make the buyer more popular with their team, or whether it will allow the buyer to be viewed as a stronger, more successful leader.”

 Tie Value Back to the Bigger Picture

When Xerox wanted to communicate to teachers the fundamental role that color plays in helping children learn, the company personalized its core insight for that audience by emphasizing the impact having more engaged, exciting students could have on teacher motivation and performance. Xerox even created a video that served as a case study of that impact.
Using Meditation to See the Bigger Picture - About Meditation
“We found that it was an impressive example of not just how Xerox delivers business value to its buyers, but also how it really nails the value that we all care about from an education perspective — successful outcomes for individual students, their ability to learn, and what that means for the teachers,”

“It’s a really powerful way to package the emotional and the rational connections together and deliver a much more impactful message.”

All too often, businesses focus exclusively on sources of business value as their basis for differentiation. And while that business case will remain important, Schmidt argues that marketers must stop ignoring the potentially enormous opportunity that appealing to personal value presents. “That’s where we see a great opportunity for marketers to expand where they seek opportunities for differentiation,” 

 “It’s quite clear that B2B buyers are emotional purchasers, and if you’re not tailoring your marketing to that accordingly, you’re missing a huge opportunity to really resonate with your buyers.”

Are You Doing Enough to Emotionally Connect with Buyers? 

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Friday, October 16, 2020

MDS-NX Web CRM Looking Through the Sales Funnel

The process of turning a new prospect into a sale is no easy task. Sure, some new customers come easier than others, but it takes time and strategic planning to move prospects down the sales funnel. Not to mention that getting them there in the first place also takes a great deal of effort.
What is a Sales Funnel? The Beginner's Guide 2020
In order to effectively nurture prospects through the funnel, first take a step back and look at the big picture. Look at each level of the funnel and determine what channels work best to attract people there, and then develop and execute a strategy to move them through.

Top of Funnel: Inform

The top of the sales funnel is exciting because this is where customers begin their journey with you. This is where you help inform prospects of your product/service and that there is a solution to their problem. This is also where you can help them realize that they have a need that can be fulfilled by your organization.

So how do we do this? Promotion and engagement. Leverage pieces of content that will drive and produce a high level of engagement with your target audience. These could be infographics, slideshares or blog posts. Whatever it may be, promote these pieces through your social media channels ( Using the MDS-NX automated social media system is one method to achieve this. Then make sure to retarget to those people so you know your message is going wherever they are on the web.

Middle of Funnel: Make Them Believe

This is the stage where you take the prospects to church and make them a believer. You show them how their problem can be solved, and not necessarily just with what you happen to offer. Give them different strategies and teach them; grab them by the hand and lead the way. Using an automation tool like The MDS-Nx Web CRM system will make this ten times easier, and allow you to segment prospects based on the actions they take and the content they like.
The pieces of content you’ll want to use here are going to need to be more informative. They can include eBooks, case studies, whitepapers, checklists, or even research papers. Make the prospect commit to the content by having them fill out a form which captures their email address and/or other important information. Then you can put them into an email nurture campaign and continue to offer nuggets of wisdom. This will not only help them, but it will show you as a thought leader in the industry.

Bottom of Funnel: Seal the Deal Baby!

This is what you’ve been working so hard for in this process — getting prospects to the point where they want to pull the trigger. If they’ve made it to this point then they have been buying in and engaging with what you’ve offered them so far. You’ve gotten the ball to the 1 yard line, now you need to push it over the goal line for the score.
Offer pieces in your campaigns such as free demos or audits that encourage immediate reaction.  Give them calls to action that they can’t refuse and require a form to be filled out that shows they are ready for the next steps. This is where marketing and sales need to be on the same page so that the transition is as smooth as possible. You don’t want all that hard work nurturing them down the sales funnel to be wasted due to poor internal communication and sales processes.
So lets recap: Take a look at the big picture and determine the strategy for taking prospects from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Implement your best content pieces at each stage of the funnel and help lead them down by teaching and informing, not selling. When the time is right, give them “an offer they can’t refuse”  and seal the deal.
Ready to Move Your Business CRM Forward?  

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