Friday, September 6, 2013

MDS PureSystems - IBM Virtual Appliances now available

PureFlex System is an infrastructure system that provides an integrated computing environment -- combining servers, storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single offering.

MDS HealthCare for IBM PureSystems:

TSH's flagship product, the Master Distribution System(MDS), is a fully-integrated, easy-to-learn, enterprise software solution designed to operate in high-volume, order-intensive, service-oriented Healthcare Supply environments. A proven, mature and modern solution, MDS is robust, stable and customizable. and is now available as a solution for IBM PureSystems  Offering features not found in general distribution products, MDS represents your single, best choice for Healthcare distribution information technology.

Ready for IBM PureSystems

IBM PureSystems combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to a workload - fundamentally changing the experience and economics of IT. MDS HealthCare is enabled on IBM PureFlex™ System. The IBM PureFlex™ System combines compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single infrastructure system that is expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize your infrastructure. With MDS HealthCare and IBM PureSystems, you can save time and money with virtualized appliances and be sure of a seamless user experience.
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Cloud Hosting Options

  • Your Choice of OS: 32/64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Server, IBM AIX 32/64-Bit
  • Single IP Address for Access
  • Per GB monthly access charge (contact for pricing)
  • Simple Single monthly Access Cost , Server and Software

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