Friday, June 21, 2013

Learn from CIO/CTO of Mckesson - Randall Spratt

What I need from tech vendors that they aren't delivering today.. 

Randall Spratt, Executive VP,  CIO and CTO


Randall Spratt CIO of McKesson talks about needing... 
Reduced complexity and improved integration. We need technology that works all the time and is self-monitoring, self-healing, self-aware and self-provisioning. We need applications that are well-integrated.

The most disruptive force in the healthcare industry today: The changes that are taking place in healthcare -- shifting risk from payers to providers, complex new reimbursement models and the shift to electronic medical records at a national scale -- will require greater connectivity across the healthcare continuum and new tools to manage patients on a holistic basis.

And the 

Most overrated IT movement: Today's healthcare apps. Healthcare apps have the potential to help patients gain better control and insight into their own well-being. However, they're all accessing small subsets of information rather than having access to all the information about a given patient. Until that connectivity and access can be established, healthcare apps won't reach their full potential.

AS a technology provider to the Healthcare supply chain , we echo the sentiments that randall has and offer solutions to these problems.. 

Reduced complexity and improved integration: Using the MDS Web Services Integration Tookit you can easily integrate your supply chain software and building upon our suite of Tools you can build a more flexible and resilient supply chain.  by allowing the connectivity to from supplier to provider you can deal with the most disruptive force in the healthcare industry today, by communicating healthcare information in real time. 

To bridge the gap on the Most overrated IT movement , you can integrate and store all your information in a single system with modules for supply chain, accounting , purchasing etc., for example our MDS Suite of Products.. 

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Join us at the NDC 2013 Conference

The Systems House, Inc. Booth 526
The NDC 2013 Conference is here. We at The Systems House are looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. This year many members are faced with operational challenges that need to be addressed --  but where to start. One solution to consider is our show special, which offers a no cost in-depth review of your current operations.
As part of the study, TSH will provide you with our business analysis tool that helps you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your computer software. From the business survey we will prepare a report which we will present to your operations personnel in a one hour web based presentation.
The study will cover the following critical areas of business operation:
Order Flow/Order Picking Cycle
Contract Management/Rebates
Warehouse Management
Purchasing / Inventory Management
Sales Management CRM System
EDI Documents
Let us help your operations run more efficiently -- take advantage of our no cost offering and a chance to win an  Apple iPad Mini. Here are two experiences from MDS users:
Ordering your way by responding to customer needs
Neil Medical has learned from experience to process customer orders in the manner that best meets each client's needs. With the MDS suite the sales funnel creates a unified pipeline for these orders. Orders can be: 
Called in or emailed directly to customer service representatives. 
Faxed on a custom order form based upon customer preferences or generated from sales history.
Entered via the Remotenet Web interface to MDS, which provides 24 hour on-line access to order placement as well as complete customer history.
Neil Medical's specialized ordering system developed in-house that seamlessly interfaces with their MDS system.
The MDS system offers interfaces to many third party ordering systems.
Lastly, MDS supports all major EDI transactions including purchase orders, invoices, and sales tracings.   
Our Experience
"We could no longer continue with MAS and grow as a Medical Distributor in the way we wanted to. As the number of work arounds increased we found that our growth was impeded."
Our search for a new system started in 2009 and included many of the major ERP systems available. John Lee, Operations Manager, said:
"We selected the MDS system from The Systems House because of TSH's focus in the Medical Supply Distribution Industry.  MDS incorporates all the tools that we needed to grow our business: Contract and rebate management, Pharma capability including Drug Pedigrees, and Ecommerce. We were also attracted to the hosted solution option.  These capabilities separated The Systems House from others we looked at."
Contact information:
Scott Ostro
Phone: 1-800-637-5556 X224
The Systems House
Sales Manager