Monday, January 13, 2020

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As many of you may be getting questions or have concerns about your compliance and changing rules to the DSCSA and Pharma specific issues,
We have created this list to outline how the MDS system will help you address these challenges.
FDA Announces Enforcement Discretion Guidance for DSCSA Verification Requirement
FDA has announced that, given concerns expressed by stakeholders and to minimize possible disruptions in the pharmaceutical distribution supply chain, it does not intend to act against wholesale distributors who do not, prior to November 27, 2020, verify a product identifier before distributing a returned product as required under the DSCSA. 
Having said that, We still need to address the issue , we just have a little more time.
The goal of this email list is to point out our suggested best (business) practices.
While we do not enforce or force you to follow these rules, this list is intended more as a guide to allow you to decide internally how you might want to update your practices and systems.

Please note this is a combination of information collected from various conferences and Industry Groups HDA, NCPA, HIDA, FDA, etc.
However since the FDA is the current enforcement agency in charge we have used their site as the model for compliance.

In addition we plan on highlighting and partnering with industry experts such as Sumeet Singh President & Senior Consultant with

If you are not familiar with five rivers, they have some excellent training courses available online and are available for consulting and information. They regularly contribute to our knowledge and we work with them on both existing and new clients to assist in many different areas.  
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Monday, January 6, 2020

Fresh Start for the New Year

After a brief hiatus, we are back and happy to report
we look forward to partnering with you and growing together next year.

TSH is growing, this year we increased our client base by almost 20% and marked our third consecutive year of double digit growth.

This means more features, better products and more innovations are on the way for 2020. We know our best salespeople are our existing customers and wanted to say thanks to them and welcome you all to join us in the coming year..

We are also proud to announce our latest updates

Web Sales Management Dashboard

The RemoteNet Sales Management
Dashboard gives your sales
management team the tools to
effectively update and monitor their
sales team in real-time. It also allows
sales team members to easily and
visually see how they are performing
and what they need to accomplish to
achieve sales goals.
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Remotenet Payment Portal

New for 2020 You can now Easily encourage your customers to pay you faster and manage their own payments. This module can be setup as part of your integrated Remotenet Portal or as a standalone payment portal. Options for viewing invoice details and downloading a current statement are also available. 

MDS-NX 11.4

With our latest release of MDS-Nx  we included support for Catalog Master to Product Lookup additional support for new menus, ability to right click to add a shortcut, Customizable programs for each operator from the customer and product lookups. And support for new home screens with a graphs, an embedded web interface and more.
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Friday, January 3, 2020

Serialization as a natural progression...

Lot and Serial number control are a key element of new regulations about securing the US drug supply chain. But implementing lot control in a warehouse environment can be a sometimes tedious and or problematic process.

Converting an item to lot controlled typically requires warehouse setups, software changes and upgrades and physical label changes for many distributors.
So how can we stay in compliance without crippling warehouse through put and business operations?

The answer is our MDS Product Lot Conversion Utility.
Rather than take an item off the shelves, remove it from open orders , change sales history or create a new item and transfer inventory. The MDS system now simplifies the process of setting up an item as lot controlled and allows you to convert items on the fly without impacting business operations.

Newly updated as part our Standard Health Care Distribution Guarantee, The MDS System has been updated to comply with the latest Serial number updates and requirements of the DSCSA. The lot conversion Utility allow clients to automatically create Serial Numbers or Scan GS1 compliant bar codes to record serial numbers.  

From GS1: 
Item Serialization
Mid-Term (2017 – 2019): Manufacturer/Repackagers serialize packages of drug products using a Product identifier (GS1 Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) or NDC), Serial Number, Lot Number and Expiration Date.

Serialized Item-Level Traceability
By November (2023), Make available information that would allow supply chain partners to trace the ownership back to the initial manufacturer or repackager. 

By simply setting up some defaults for your lot or serial controlled item, you can convert you existing inventory to a lot controlled item and move your warehouse over to fully lot and serial number controlled item by item, while shipping goods the whole time..

Contact Us today to learn how to make sure you have a system in place to let you easily and quickly become compliance with state and federal requirements while maintaining your margins and increasing operational efficiency. 

For more information on TSH or MDS call The Systems House, Inc. at 1-800- MDS-5556.
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