Friday, July 2, 2021

Protecting your data just got a bit easier..

 Yes, data volumes are growing, but online backup doesn’t need to be a headache. 

After Natural Disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and others , TSH invested heavily in cloud infrastructure and solutions to simplify and protect our  cloud customer data. To that end we setup hourly snapshots, a 30 day retention policy and a 7 year (minimum) data backup with monthly and Annual Full images. 

Today we are ready to offer this service to for a low fixed monthly fee. 

The TSH Cloud customers already enjoy this capability for the MDS Data , but we are now able to offer it for on-premise customers running windows/Linux or any platform , as well as specific PC's and or Servers.  Or for TSH Cloud Customers who are looking to backup internal data and don't have a simple cloud based solution in place. 

Alternately if you just don't know what to do for backups, we are now offering this service for any readers of our Email.  

Simplify your approach with the N‑able Backup solutions. Scale with your business growth and turn backup services into a simple and easy monthly service.

  • Protect your  data, wherever it is.
  • Minimize human error and improve efficiency.
  • Outsmart ransomware with direct-to-cloud backups.
  • Back up more frequently, and archive data longer, at no extra cost.
Let us know what service you want and we will setup for you, at no additional charge. 

For more information on TSH or MDS call The Systems House, Inc. at 1-800- MDS-5556. Or send a message to

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