Friday, September 25, 2020

Better communication leads to better cash flow

Rule #1: Cash is King | CPA Practice Advisor
As with any business Cash is King, and optimizing cash flow is an important step to running a successful business. To illustrate, when cash is tight here a three major negative impacts. Using the MDS-Nx Customer Payment Portal 
You can now accept payments 24/7 using credit cards with a built in fee or No Fee ACH allowing you to get paid electronically, removing the "Check is in the Mail Syndrome" and any lag in accounts receivable. 
(quick tip if you are not already an MDS-Nx client you can sign up for free ACH with melio and take advantage now) 

Late Payments

Best Practices for Talking with Creditors about Late Payments | Green Dot  Blog
Cash is needed to pay your company's expenses and bills. If you don't have cash in hand, you may be forced to take on additional loans or make late payments. This can lead to late payment fees on utilities or debts. Additionally, your late payments negatively affect your business' credit rating and impact your ability to get credit account privileges and loans in the future.

Slow Growth

Still stuck in slow-growth mode |
Even if you pay your bills, restricted cash flow gets in the way of advancing your business through investments. You may miss out on opportunities to acquire new buildings and assets at good price points, hire new employees or consultants who offer expertise and talent, get bulk discounts on supplies and pay for services your business uses. Slower growth can lead to low employee morale and looks bad to company owners or shareholders.

Discounts to catch up

Increasing Your Revenue without Actually Selling
Cash flow issues can lead to a downward spiral, especially as it relates to your marketing efforts. First, one of the budgets companies often cut when cash is tight is marketing. This means you won't have as much money to invest in advertising to attract customers. Plus, if you start offering sales discounts to generate cash and improve your situation, you can effectively diminish customer perception of your brand's value. This can have very negative long-term impacts on your pricing and revenue potential.

So what are the best ways to control your cash flow to you benefit?

Our belief is that Better Communication leads Better Cash Flow, to facilitate better communication web based tools have made that payment process much more streamlined and efficient.  Utilizing the MDS-Nx System you now have access to 5 new Remote net Portals. Each portal is a piece of the Remote net Ecosystem and allows for different tools to communicate more effectively.

More than just Ecommerce these portals enable better and faster communication 24/7 via the internet. 

MDS-Nx Portals Available 

  • Salesman Access Portal

  • Web Based CRM Portal

  • Track and Trace Portal (Pharmaceuticals or Proof of Delivery)

  • Customer Payment Portal

  • Remotenet Vendor Portal

MDS-Nx Customer Payment Portal

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Time to restructure your warehouse?

Doing more with less has taken on a new meaning during the pandemic. While Inventory and warehouse expense represent the two largest investments in a distribution environment, The time to restructure your warehouse and business operations could not be better. 

An efficiently managed warehouse will provide the greatest financial return on investment, in addition to achieving greater levels of productivity and cost savings. The MDS Warehouse Management System (MDS-WMS) is a powerful solution for automating the inventory handling process in your warehouse.
Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and proven product management techniques, it provides a comprehensive and cost-effective warehouse management solution. MDS-WMS works as part of a complete software solution by integrating wireless and bar-coding technologies, shipping systems and other warehouse automation equipment such as Carousels, PTL (Pick To Light), Voice directed picking, and Sortation systems.

Competitive Advantage

MDS Warehouse Management System provides you with a technological edge that maximizes the efficiency of your warehouse and supply chain personnel. This translates into a competitive advantage that provides improved customer service, greater accuracy and superior efficiency for your entire organization.


MDS Warehouse Management System has been updated to work with either Windows Mobile or any Browser based handed units, for example android, apple or windows. Off the shelf blue tooth scanners or integrated cameras can also be used for barcode scanning. 
Ready to  restructure and modernize your warehouse? 

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Drive your business with the secure cloud


 Drive your business with the IBM Secure Cloud, TSH is proud to announce the availability of our MDS-Nx software suite on the "Most Secure and Open public cloud for business." 

 As the work at home culture evolves TSH has partnered with multiple infrastructure providers to offer best in breed technology solutions for our client. This allows for greater redundancy, speed and functionality within our MDS-Nx software suite and all of our TSH offerings. 

What type of company is best served by MDS Software as a Service (Cloud/Saas)?

cloudThe Cloud/SaaS option is particularly attractive to smaller organizations that do not have in-house IT staffs, and anticipate rapid growth. The Cloud/SaaS approach allows a Customer to enjoy all the benefits of the MDS system for a low fixed monthly fee. TSH takes full responsibility for the operation of the system, including data backups. Further, Cloud/SaaS provides the ability to easily add users and capacity as the company grows.

Ready to Move Your Business to the Secure Cloud? 

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Closing the loop with last mile delivery

 The pandemic-fueled shipment boom doesn’t appear to be slowing down in the second half of the year as July package volumes exceeded the average monthly volume in the first three months of the outbreak.

According to data from ShipMatrix, Amazon shipped 415 million packages in July compared with a monthly average of 389 million between April and June. The e-commerce giant also delivered 66% of its own packages in July, compared with 61% between April and June.

In the same time UPS and Fedex volumes are up as well , but as Amazon continues to bring shipments in house
so do more distributors understanding the value that comes from being able to close the loop and bring end to end visibility to the supply chain. 

With the launch of our Delivery Master 2.0 product the MDS-Nx system is uniquely designed to give you the tools to power your supply chain. 

  • Improve Delivery Accuracy

  • Monitor Driver Performance

  • Complete Delivery Records

  • Electronic Proof of Delivery

Take control of your supply chain with the power of google maps integration and increased control over routing and delivery throughout your organization. 

Ready to start close the loop and take control of the last mile? 
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