Friday, August 23, 2013

2013 Supply Chain Dept of the Year - GHS

Greenville Health System named Healthcare Purchasing News  2013 Supply Chain Management Department of the Year. Click here for the Full Article
The Systems house, Inc. congratulates GHS on this prestigious award, and is proud to provide and maintain the systems that drive supply chain excellence. 

The GHS Supply Chain’s crown jewel is clearly the 125,000-square-foot Materials Distribution
GHS Materials Specialist picks supplies 
using Pick-to-Light technology
 Center (MDC), which is staffed by more than 84 full-time employees, and fortified with a fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGV), carousels and conveyor belts, linked electronically through an enterprise-resource planning system from The Systems House.  The MDS Healthcare Suite is the perfect solution for a variety of healthcare supply chain models. 

GHS utilizes the MDS warehouse management system with:
  • Low-unit of measure replenishment
  • Pick to light technology
  • Tote Scanning and Sorting 
  • Wireless Barcode scanning with Handheld Devices 
  • Mirrored Carousel POD locations to load balance and optimize picking 
  • Statistically sampled quality control to measure picking accuracy
  • Seamless integration with the hospital MMIS systems

Fast Facts on Greenville Health System

Headquarters: Greenville, SC


Facilities: 4 acute care hospitals, three specialty hospitals, six outpatient care facilities, two long-term care facilities, two wellness centers and a host of affiliated practice sites and related programs. 
Employees/FTEs (at GHS): 186.5
Beds (licensed and average operating): 1,268 + 91 = 1,359
Outpatient Visits (2012 vs. 2013):


Surgical cases (2012 vs. 2013):


Total net revenue (2012 vs. 2013):


Annual purchasing supply expense (FY2012 vs. FY2013):

Annual purchase order volume (FY2012 vs. FY2013):


Total annual operating expenses: $16,668,716
Source: Greenville (SC) Health System, July 2013

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