Friday, September 20, 2013

Electronic Payments - Go Green and Save Money!!

Your kids are doing it, should your business? 

MDS Now offers you the the Ability to Send ACH payments to vendors rather than physical checks. 

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Direct Payment via ACH is easy to set up and use, and the process is safe and cost effective. Getting paid electronically means your cash flow is more consistent and easier to forecast. Simplify and automate your accounts payable as well by making electronic payments to your vendors and service providers.

Easy and Secure:

  • Enables automated receivables and payables
  • Gives you greater control
  • Transfers funds securely to and from your accounts
  • Instills reliability and certainty
  • Reduces risk of lost or fraudulent checks
  • Helps protect the environment

Pay it Green » Green Tips 
Learn more about the environmental benefits by clicking the pay it green link.
  • Reduce paper’s impact on the environment by promoting electronic billing, statements, and payments. 
  • Get the tools you need to educate consumers about the positive environmental impact of choosing electronic payments, bills and statements over paper. 
  • Learn about other easy ways for your business to go green. 

In addition to both the environmental and cost savings benefit, MDS offers a parameter based Authorization/Hold Maintenance which adds an additional level of approvals before creating the ACH file. And support sending an EDI 820- Standard Remittance Advice to your vendors as well.  When using this subsystem  the checks are actually created but put on hold, so they will show on your accounts payable schedule as paid,  but will not be sent to your bank. It would be the equivalent of physically printing a check and holding it.

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