Friday, November 23, 2012

Renting Retail Space for your warehouse? - Here is a quick way to capitalize on your investment

With the MDS-POS module you can integrate your storefront, inventory, receivables and pricing rules into a single system.

Don't let  your retail space go to waste.. 

For many distributors you already have a retail space in the front of your warehouse, or you have moved to a new space because of the lower rents now available in the retail market. 

Many companies use a separate POS (point of sale system) to handle the store traffic and treat is as a separate system.  

Using the same familiar entry screens, customers numbers and product numbers you employees can log in to a pc based cash register to scan and sell items from your store. Integrated credit card processing and barcode scanning let you quickly and easily help your existing customers get the items they need just by walking in. And the best part is because it's an integrated system any custom pricing rules and all sales history is available at the time of entry. 

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