Friday, November 2, 2012

Fees, surcharges and other fun stuff...

The reality of doing business includes fee's and surcharges, MDS help's you manage them

A simple bill of lading from and overseas shipper may include as many as a dozen fee's and surcharges, Keeping track of the different fee's associated with shipments and in turn tracking those fees so you can assign them to customers if need be is a vital part of the supply chain.

The MDS system now incorporates a Customer/Vendor Specific Table to capture these costs, allow you to choose which ones are automatically applied and which customer's or vendors are eligible for the different costs..

Want to add a fuel surcharge - but don't know how? - Its as simple as clicking on the drop down and adding it to the table.

Options allow for a default amount for the company, customer specific amounts operator overrides and a specific G/L account code to associate with the Fee.

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