Friday, December 6, 2013

Rebates and Contracts and Sales Tracings, Oh My!!

Some us of may be familiar with the phrase Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!! if not see the video below. But what it has really come to represent is someone who is fearful of a rumored threat. But if you watch the movie or see the story you will realize it was not a real threat, just something to scare you with.. 

Well in many industries,  Rebates and Contracts and Sales Tracings have come to represent those scary rumored threats. And prevent companies from taking advantage of contract pricing and costing options. 

But with the MDS Rebate Management System that's no longer a problem.

—       Simply match to the example Spreadsheet from your vendor —and save it as an MDS Rebate Format. —Then use it to generate a sales tracing based upon your selection criteria, Using the output format specified by your vendor. To assist you MDS includes a database of  pre-existing —Vendor Format Templates available as a Library. now you don't have to be scared by the threat of having to send your sales tracings and track your products and customers. Take advantage of GPO Pricing and Rebates while streamlining your business. 

Link to the Video for those who love the Wizard of Oz.

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