Friday, June 21, 2013

Learn from CIO/CTO of Mckesson - Randall Spratt

What I need from tech vendors that they aren't delivering today.. 

Randall Spratt, Executive VP,  CIO and CTO


Randall Spratt CIO of McKesson talks about needing... 
Reduced complexity and improved integration. We need technology that works all the time and is self-monitoring, self-healing, self-aware and self-provisioning. We need applications that are well-integrated.

The most disruptive force in the healthcare industry today: The changes that are taking place in healthcare -- shifting risk from payers to providers, complex new reimbursement models and the shift to electronic medical records at a national scale -- will require greater connectivity across the healthcare continuum and new tools to manage patients on a holistic basis.

And the 

Most overrated IT movement: Today's healthcare apps. Healthcare apps have the potential to help patients gain better control and insight into their own well-being. However, they're all accessing small subsets of information rather than having access to all the information about a given patient. Until that connectivity and access can be established, healthcare apps won't reach their full potential.

AS a technology provider to the Healthcare supply chain , we echo the sentiments that randall has and offer solutions to these problems.. 

Reduced complexity and improved integration: Using the MDS Web Services Integration Tookit you can easily integrate your supply chain software and building upon our suite of Tools you can build a more flexible and resilient supply chain.  by allowing the connectivity to from supplier to provider you can deal with the most disruptive force in the healthcare industry today, by communicating healthcare information in real time. 

To bridge the gap on the Most overrated IT movement , you can integrate and store all your information in a single system with modules for supply chain, accounting , purchasing etc., for example our MDS Suite of Products.. 

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