Friday, July 13, 2018

How the DQSA is helping you..

Image result for hda edi 856As the DQSA (Drug Quality and Security Act) or Drug Pedigree law's update yet again , what is clear is that most supply chain partners seem to be exchanging this information us the HDA Standard EDI 856 Advanced shipping notice

Our healthcare specific versions of the MDS-Nx Software platform offer the ability to both import and export your data in this standard format. However even if you are not using the inbound 856 documents for drug pedigree or T3 Information , they have an additional added benefit. 

Integrate your vendors shipping schedule into your warehouse Save Time Money and Warehouse Space!!
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The MDS-Nx system will import this information and update the in transit table to give your purchase orders a new level of detail. Instead of wondering when items will arrive you will have details by line of each shipment that will be coming to your dock. Prior to the truck rolling up to your dock you can plan where the product will be put away or use our Put-away function to manage the receiving process. During receiving any operator can call up the In transit document and verify the products are received. This saves time and reduces data entry errors. while at the same time offering the option to schedule your labor and warehouse space. If using our Pharma Modules this information also updates and creates your T3 , Transaction information and creates your pedigree documentation as well as the ability to send EDI 856's yourself.

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