Friday, May 13, 2016

How to Get Salespeople to Use Sales Software

Image result for sales loveAutomation and analytics are all the rage. But how can you get your salespeople to actually use the software tools you give them. and its brethren in the sales force automation world have done a darn good job selling sales managers on the benefits of their software. According to a Fortune Magazine Survey, Big companies will spend an estimated $29 billion on systems for tracking customer relationships in 2016. That’s more than for any other business application category.

But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a quota-carrying sales representative who loves updating contact databases regularly, especially when he or she could be closing a deal. That’s one reason you’re hearing Salesforce and rivals like Bullhorn and SugarCRM talk about new features that automate these tasks through artificial intelligence and data analysis.

Along those lines it's really about how can you make it easy, painless and match each salespersons style of selling.  The simple answer? 

Flexible Customizable Software that can integrate easily into your CRM. 

There are already add-on apps that offer these sorts of insights such as LiveHive, which captures contact info for sales prospects, or ToutApp and Yesware, which track who is opening emails and other campaign materials.

None of them is meant to replace your customer relationship management (CRM) systems

In most cases, they’re intended to complement them. CRM tools are great with providing indicators, but they’re not so great at giving you predictors, at encouraging someone on the team to be successful.  So what can you do to motivate?

Here are three  companies that you want to take a look at:

Brainshark, which uses video evaluations to help managers offer feedback.

Image result for sales loveClearSlide, which identifies which sales prospects area ctually viewing pitch videos and presentations so teams can prioritize.

Spiro Technologies, which sells a mobile app that acts as a virtual coach. (You can pick different “personalities” ranging from a pushy mother to a surfer dude.)

The MDS-Nx System offers both an API (application programming interface) as well as multiple integration points, the Message is clear - the best tools for for the job often require some integration, some larger concept thinking and the ability to make the tools match to your sales force.

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