Sunday, September 6, 2015

Let me help you with that...

Image result for sales girlThe Greeters of Walmart have been much maligned over the years, but they still perform a very valuable function. Read here if you are not familiarThe point however is that by building familiarity and giving your customer an experience specific to them you increase the likelihood they will return again and buy more products from you.

Ok, so the Walmart model may not be the best one to look at. But look at high end clothing store Henri Bendel, they charge a higher price and build a personalized brand experience that gives them legions of women who swear they will only shop at that boutique.

But why you ask?

Well it boils down to a simple model, there are those people who appreciate personal care, attention to details and a more detailed customer experience.

As we do sell software, here is that latest tool in our arsenal of helping you increase sales.
And a few ways  you can replicate that unforgettable customer experience.
Using online chat to change your website's customer experience.

Online chat has come along way in terms of capability,
Image result for online chatand can give you customers that guided tour experience.

Not finding what you need?
Don't know the right size battery for that products?
Is that latex free? 

All of these are simple questions that customers can now interactively ask online on a chat window or microphone using our RemoteNet Chat Interface.

What the online model brings the chat is not just simply a way to connect but also a way to use all the data that your website and ERP (MDS-Nx) system provide.

Ways you can use the new chat system

Image result for sales historyAutomatically popup a message asking if they help after a set number of seconds or minutes of inactivity. Don't get in the way while shopping but if they are just sitting there you can ask what they need.

View a history of the pages they have browsed, and the last search they did to customize the interaction. For example: "I noticed you were searching for an Otoscope, can I recommend our best sellers" , reps can also look up sales history automatically and suggest the items they have purchased before.

Customize the chat interaction based upon the page they are viewing. For example if a customer is viewing the "My Invoices"  page you can route the chat to the accounting department and have them handle any questions.

Additionally since the system has a rules based engine you can customized and save questions by customer and have it remind them when they visit again. All chat transcripts are saved and can be shared with both the customers, sales reps and management teams.

Why it's better then the traditional phone sales

  • You can use the co browse feature to take control of and show the customer your website and all the features it has. You can see what they see in real-time.
  • Customer services reps are virtual and depending on your training they can handle as many as 3-5 customers at one.
  • Create an online persona for your company such as "Mr. SupplyGuru" or some other catchy name in the chat window, In this manner when you have multiple sales reps working on a account the customer still thinks is the same person. Create a virtual team of customer services reps to supplement the existing reps.
  • Managers can view interactions in real-time as well and if need be jump on the call/chat session. Traditionally auditing a call and jumping in was clumsy and you could not review the transcripts of multiple calls at one time. Most people can't listen to three conversations at once, but they can read them and flag important keywords.
  • Standardize your responses and build a knowledge base. Often customers complain they don't get a consistent message, this will allow you to standardize the pitch and share knowledge , perhaps one rep is more knowledgeable on a product line, This allows them to easily share and also keep track of how to sell those products.

Overall we all know when you get to the boutique you expect a higher level of service, so use the latest concepts in online chat and customer engagement to give customers that unforgettable experience. You will see increased sales, more opportunities and solidify your relationships with your customers.

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