Friday, July 24, 2015

What to do with your new IPad...

Image result for ipads for businessIt's happened to many of us , you get that new mac book or that Ipad you won at the trade show you attended, and you get back to the office only to discover your business applications just don't work the same way. The learning curve is too great and suddenly this new amazing tool is delegated to email and watching video's. 

You also might just have those folks in the office who want to use a mac or came out of college attached to their Apple products. Or if you hire computer science guys, their Linux workstations. 

But fear not with the knowledge from today's post we will give you a couple of quick easy and inexpensive ways where you can un-tether from the heavy laptop or desktop and still have access to all your important business applications like MDS-Nx. 

The simplest is just to install and or use remote desktop assuming you have a terminal server or windows pc sitting in your office somewhere.  As you'd expect, you can control pretty much everything on your Windows computer right from your smart phone or tablet. Once you're connected, you can control your computer using the touch interface with full support for Windows gestures. Everything's authenticated as well, so wherever you are your connection will remain secure.

Microsoft Remote Desktop (Free) | Google Play

Microsoft Remote Desktop (Free) | iTunes App Store

What's that you say but i need a keyboard and mouse? - just go get a decent blue tooth mouse and keyboard at your local computer store or online and you have a complete desktop replacement on the go. Yes you need to connect to the Internet but it's pretty easy to find Wi-Fi and if not get a data plan on your phone and turn it into a hot spot. 

If you do not have a windows PC or Server handy – you can look at these options to allow you to run windows on a mac, this may be more helpful as it will allow you to run any windows application on the Mac or Linux.

Image result for virtual desktop

Parallels Desktop - The top rated software for the Mac.

VMWare Fusion - our favorite from the leaders in virtualization technology.

Virtualbox is your free option It doesn't offer a feature set that comes even close to Parallels or VMWare, but it also doesn't cost anything at all.

All in all it's about having the right tools to do your job and do it quickly and efficiently with today's technology it's important to be able to use any type of hardware or software to run your business software and tools.

The MDS-Nx platform supports any operating system –O/S software including Windows, Linux, Unix as well as any hardware including virtualized hardware using VMware,  or Hyper V.
and can be run on any cloud platform , such as Amazon EC2, Google Compute, or Microsoft Azure.

What does that mean to you? It means running the MDS-Nx system no longer limit's your company to specific hardware or a specific vendor, you can run on anything you like, keeping your IT staff happy or moving all your systems to the cloud.

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