Friday, March 27, 2015

"You look maaarvelous!"

Ever decide you want to run for some kind of office and hire a campaign manager?The first likely bit of advice? “Dress impeccably every day because you’ll look much more powerful.” and as Fernando says. 
                                         It's better to look good than to feel good.

It’s all about image, most people realized long ago that to be successful you had to look the part and look good in corporate America. “People judge you on how you look, whether we like it or not,” 
The findings of the Elle/ Work & Power Survey when it comes to the attractiveness meter. Seem to bear this out yet again.  Good-looking bosses were found to be more competent, collaborative and better delegators than their less attractive counterparts, and most women believe they are judged in the workplace on the basis of their looks.

“Physical attractiveness creates a halo around a person,” said management psychologist Ken Siegel, summarizing a vast body of research. “We still place a premium on physical attractiveness as a mediator of other things, and we do not attribute favorable qualities to people we deem unattractive. It may even occur on an unconscious level.”

Good looks appeared significant to both men and women and the workplace. About 58 percent of female bosses who were rated as attractive got high marks for competence, compared with  41 percent of "average-looking" female bosses and only 23 percent of unattractive supervisors. Among people with male bosses, 61 percent who rated their supervisors as good-looking also found them competent, compared with 41 percent for the average types and 25 percent for those rated unattractive.

As a business owner and supply chain member how does your company present itself? 
If your are not sure then take a look at what your customers see?
  • What does your website say? 
  • How does your customer communication look? 
  • Are your invoices/packing slips/ emails consistent? 
  • Are they branded and do you include a logo? 
  • Does it make your business look your best every day? 
If you can change your look you can make customers perceive you differently.
 “This is more about looking polished, which translates into professional-looking,” 

Daniel Hamermesh, an economist at the University of Texas, has long written about “pulchronomics”. In “Beauty Pays” he reckons that, over a lifetime and assuming today's mean wages, a handsome worker in America might on average make $230,000 more than a very plain one. There is evidence that attractive workers bring in more business, so it often makes sense for firms to hire them. Whether rewarding them accordingly—and paying their less attractive peers more stingily—is good for society is another matter.

But the model is still true on the business front. Looking good is paramount in business and making sure you look your best is always a big part of your marketing and sales efforts.

So the next time your look at your company remember what fernando says and take the time to make sure your communications are looking their best.

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