Friday, February 20, 2015

Mobile Devices Drive Opportunity and Innovation

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Keys, wallet, cell phone – most people don't leave home without them. Among today's consumers, the forgotten cell phone invokes the most panic. In a recent Pew Research Center study, 30 percent of individuals surveyed described their phone as "something they can't imagine living without." Mobile devices, specifically smart phones and tablets, have become the mission control center for managing all aspects of life.

Increasing consumer dependence on mobile devices represents huge opportunities for all types of businesses that can learn quickly to leverage and embrace mobile technology trends. Does your business have a well-defined mobile strategy?

Mobile Strategy should involve not just the traditional sales models and ecommerce sites, and while it's important include those in your mix, one often overlooked area is purchasing and warehouse management.
Just because the mobile device is in your warehouse doesn't mean it's not part of your mobile strategy. 

The MDS-Nx Wireless Warehouse embraces  and empowers warehouse managers and workers by allowing to access key information using the same type of mobile devices they use in their everyday life. 

By using the familiar mobile platforms of today you can increase productivity and accuracy through out your warehouse operations. 
Leverage the ease of use and witness employee learning curves with zero or little time to productivity as well as the ability to track at a granular level both the time spent, and items moving in your warehouse. 

If you want to move towards activity based costing and seeing the true cost to pick an order wireless mobile technology is the way to go. 

When mobile comes up and you question the impact on your business and how you can effectively leverage it. Remember your warehouse, for most distributors it's the largest investment and most often can reap the biggest rewards. 

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