Sunday, September 21, 2014

Round up the usual suspects...

In the movie Casablanca, there’s a famous scene where Captain Renault, the head of the French police, avoids investigating the murder of a Nazi officer by telling his people to “round up the usual suspects.” The implication, of course, is that everyone should look busy and professional, even if the routine doesn't really accomplish anything.

Think of this objective when exploring the roles of sales and operations using technology.
It always seems that managers respond to performance challenges by putting together a task force of the “usual suspects” to deal with the issue. These task force members usually end up with multiple specialty assignments piled on top of their regular duties. And because these few go-to people are spread so thin, they ultimately don’t accomplish all that much.
Managers sometimes “round up the usual suspects” because they only trust a small number of people to handle key projects or initiatives. Every organization has its “glue people,” the ones who don’t show up in organization charts but are assigned to every task force or initiative because they are respected and trusted.

However, each person also had significant managerial responsibilities and other major project assignments. So while they were all capable and willing to do what was needed, the effort suffered due to lack of time and bandwidth.
If any of this sounds familiar, take a step back and think about how to expand your talent pool to get the actual results you want. Do a quick mapping of your committees, task forces, and other special assignment groups, to see if you have a “usual suspect” bottleneck. Although individual executives may engage in this dynamic intentionally (like Captain Renault), most do not; it just happens.

 If that’s indeed the case, then consider lightening the load for some by prioritizing assignments, consolidating teams, and, most importantly,

Adding technology to the list, do more with less using technology to help you! 

Is it possible to trust some other people outside of your “usual suspects” circle? 
Can you computer systems and business processes help them rise to the challenge?

The MDS-Nx system offers our internal Audit and Control business process management system. This system creates a framework of tasks that are automatically created and integrated to drive your business workflow. Creating your processes in an automated fashion without relying solely upon those "key" team members to drive your projects to completion.

Most organizations have ambitious agendas that are limited by the availability of key people. There may indeed be times when calling upon a few trusted people is the right approach, but doing it too often can be severely constraining. That’s why thinking outside the roster of “usual suspects” can help you distribute responsibilities in a more even, efficient way. and leveraging technology is just one one to lighten the burden and more effectively use the resources you have.

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