Friday, June 27, 2014

8 Reasons to update your website today..

Competing in today's marketplace means leveraging technology to level the playing field. By taking advantage of Visual Search, predictive analytics , multi channel communication, mobile technology and social media you can make your company a leader in sales, service and leave your competition in the dust. 

With our latest release of the RemoteNet Web Platform , The Systems House, Inc. delivers on these key technology elements offering both a standalone Ecommerce solution or a fully integrated ERP solution with the RemoteNet Web Platform. 

Take a quick tour of RemoteNet online at 

or view the long list of enhancements below that will keep your company at the cutting edge of emerging technologies. 

Updated Search Engine

  • Blindingly fast response times with multiple keyword search
  • Visual auto complete with images
  • Top selling items automatically added to search
  • Options for Grid View, List View, and Detailed item View 

Predictive Analytics 
  • Add Suggested Items logic based upon current sales analytics like  
  • Automatically create categories for Overstock, Best Sellers, Hot Sellers and Returned Items using Inventory Management parameters and analytic tools.

Customizable Screen Elements
  • User Shortcuts
  • Current Order Quick View 
  • Specials of the Day 
  • Search by Category
  • Export your order to excel,pdf 
  • Contact Information with Live Help Option for Real-Time Chat 

Highlight Specials and Product Categories

  • Show a pop up of the Daily Special each time that a user logs in or creates a new order.
  • Add a note to the Check out Screen highlighting a product group or category
  • Add Suggested Re-Orders to the Check Out page

Email Alerts - Multi Channel Communication

  • Stock Email Alert to allow a customer to get an email alert once a back ordered item is in stock 
  • Send emails about orders left on hold or abandoned cart reminders
  • Send Suggested Re-Order emails, on a timed basis to allow you to focus customer ordering patterns

Customer Tools

  • Allow customers the ability to upload orders via a spreadsheet
  • Allow customers the ability to create their own Bar code catalogs , reorder sheets and create orders by scanning and uploading to the website using the MDS ScanConnect Tool.
  • Allow customers the ability to download a copy of their web order in pdf/excel/html/ms-word/jpg 
  • Give Customers the ability to view and download Invoices and Statements in a pdf
  • Allow customers to use any Language to to view your website  using Google translate

Salesman Automation and Remote Access Tools

  • Updated Salesman Access Portal with the ability to add/save pricing on the fly by margin,dollar or percentage 
  • Real Time access to Inventory by Warehouse and Location
  • View Contracted Price and view which GPO contracts customers are eligible for

Mobile and Social Media

  • New responsive templates for mobile and tablet access
  • Integrated Social Media with option to automatically update a Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Update Social Media automatically with daily product specials , top sellers, overstock items and other prebuilt templates.  
  • Link from Hash tags to track social media activity to orders placed on website.

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