Thursday, March 13, 2014

IMCO 2014 - Come get your Check!

Join TSH for the IMCO International Convention  

April 26-30 2014 

At IMCO 2014 , we’re always EXPLORING new ways to EVOLVE in our industry so that together we all EXCEED!

IMCO’s Annual National Convention has always been the event NOT to miss – and this year will
be no exception! Join TSH for a truly fantastic experience.  This year’s theme reflects the state of our industry – ever-evolving – and IMCO’s mission to put Independents at the head of the pack. Exploring together, working together, and laughing together will fuel our momentum, and we will EXCEED!

Come get your check!  

Any deals signed within 30 days of  the  Show will receive a $2000.00 dollar check for use against professional services invoices from The Systems House, Inc.  

Covered Items include both our Cloud Based SAAS - MDS Software as a service software and our traditional server based software. 

Stop by the booth #713 to get your check today!