Friday, January 10, 2014

Not Who's watching the store, What's watching the store..

In the old days we used have someone watching the storefront to make sure nothing left the
shelves without someone paying for it.  And today we have little tags on retail products and scanners to make we don't leave the store with items we have not purchased, but for distributors the question now becomes:

Not Who is watching the store, but rather What is watching the store.. 

As a distributor most of you struggle with making sure your profit margins are within the range you expect, but manually checking each invoice is a time consuming and poor solution. So how do you keep watch while allowing your business to grow? 

With our new MDS ProfitWatch System you can have the system watch for items that fall with in a certain Gross Profit Range and either:

  • Alert you to items on Profit Hold via email
  • Create a Daily Report of exceptions
  • Place the Order on hold so that no items will ship
  • Place the Invoice on hold so that you ship the items but can adjust pricing with your sales people.

To complement the complex business logic of  your company the MDS systems offers a matrix of business rules allowing for:

A. Overall Gross Profit High and Low water marks for company
B. Gross Profit High and Low water marks by Product Class
C. Gross Profit High and Low water marks by Product

With Exception handling allowing for:

A. Exemption at the Company Level
B. Exception Items for Specific Customer/Product combinations
C. Exception by Specific Products
D. Exception by Customer

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