Friday, February 22, 2013

Where have all the drugs gone?

Cardinal to acquire Dik Drug 

Ok - so the name of the post was a little misleading....   but you already clicked on it so read on....

"This deal is one more step in the long-running consolidation of the U.S. pharmaceutical distribution business. It also helps further boost Cardinal's business with smaller pharmacies. Dik is a closely-held and fairly secretive private company, so there's no official data on revenues, but most likely less than $2 billion."

Are you poised to take advantage of this growth? - As larger companies buy out the smaller distributors there is usually a decent percentage of business that will fall off as the new company enforces it's business policies and changes the model. 

The good news is that the MDS system will give you the tools to take advantage of this industry movement and build your own business..!!! 
Focus on Medical Industry Segments and Selling 
How MDS helps you to service that business 
 Here are just a few of the tools that will help you  focus and grow your business in the Pharmaceutical  Marketplace 

Lot/Serial Expiration Date Tracking
Integrated/Native Pedigree Management System (no interface to 3rd party)
License Management
Excessive Usage monitoring
DEA/ARCOS and State Pharma Reporting
EDI 852,810,844,850,855,855,832 - with customized mapping
Rebates and Contracts
ScanConnect Barcode inventory Management System 
Custom Labels
Custom Invoices
Customized Usage Reports

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