Who knew we loved our maps so much? And is it only a question of time before that love extends to our business apps?
TSH has integrated Google Maps with your  supply chain sales data in our MDS system for a while now but it looks as if the larger ERP providers are following suite..  
On Monday, Nokia announced a mapping deal with Oracle. Here is an excerpt from the press release:
Nokia announced today that Oracle has developed a simple, built-in link between Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer and the Nokia Location Platform (NLP). This link removes the barrier of a customized map integration and extends the benefits of global maps for business use to Oracle users [emphasis mine].
SAP and Google formed a similar mapping partnership in July 2011, as I highlighted in “The ‘Where’ Dimension of Business Intelligence.” Here’s an excerpt from the press release, followed by a video demo: “With location-based intelligence capabilities, SAP envisions bringing corporate information to life via Google’s dynamic, interactive map, satellite and even street-level views. As a result, customers could analyze their businesses in a geospatial context to effectively understand the “where” of their information, as well as global, regional and local trends and how they are impacted by different scenarios — helping to increase efficiency and profitability, among other benefits.”