Friday, September 28, 2012

Give 'Em what they want, Give 'Em what they need..

Give your customers flexible billing options and see how you build customer loyalty.

Customers often require multiple different and sometime complicated billing options. To make sure they stay your customers and you don't have to spend hours creating customized billing reports and remembering to run the invoicing process at a specific time, the MDS systems offers a number of options to simplify your customer's requests. 
And easily manage the process ensuring you get paid in a timely fashion as well as keep your customers happy. 

Differentiate your company in the marketplace by giving customers what they want, with little or no work on your companies part.

Invoicing Options Include: 

  • Monthly/Periodic billing - Create invoices per transaction but hold until a period statement is sent to a customer common options are monthly or bi-monthly.
  • Consolidated A/R - Create a single invoice to "roll-up" all transactions for a period , also offer options to create a rolling balance for all prior invoice so that a partial payment from a prior period will just roll into the consolidated bill.
  • Break down by Cost Center or G/L Code - Add the ability to tag specific product classes or specific products to a customers G/L code or Cost Center so that they can easily reconcile your invoices. 
  • Create Detailed Item Level customer specific exports for importing into their ERP/Billing systems.
  • Generate EDI 810 Invoice documents for a customer account 
  • Create Master A/R accounts to generate one bill to a corporate office but keep usage by branch

By making the customer happy you will build the loyalty and keep them coming back to increase your business.

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