Friday, November 6, 2020

Clarity through Communication

Our belief is that Better Communication leads Better Cash Flow and Simplified Clarity , to facilitate better communication web based tools have made that payment process much more streamlined and efficient.

Utilizing the MDS-Nx System you now have access to 5 new Remote net Portals. Each portal is a piece of the Remote net Ecosystem and allows for different tools to communicate more effectively. 

Today we highlight the MDS-Nx Vendor Portal 

The MDS-Nx Vendor Portal allows you to give the tools to your vendors to see how they are doing with your company in terms of sales, check the status of pending purchase orders , and review open invoices that have been paid or are awaiting payment. 

I also allow them to see how you paid off each invoice. Lastly for those who want it – vendors can submit invoices for purchase orders that are outstanding and they will go into the EDI 810 processing system allowing you to review and approve the charges then pay them. 

Once a vendor is ready to be paid, you can utilize the MDS-Nx AP transfer subsystem to pay them via a credit card or ACH payment. For either process they would receive an email confirmation. Alternately if a check is sent they can be emailed the stubs and a copy of the remittance. 

By allowing your vendors visibility into what is selling, what is open on the payables side and what has not been delivered, you can remove the back and forth communication,  and provide them real time information. By knowing which of their products is selling or not  selling. This allows local manufacturer reps to understand the sales profile of your company and suggest similar or complimentary product as well as where there might be some problems selling certain product lines. More than just Ecommerce these portals enable better and faster communication 24/7 via the internet.  Remotenet Vendor Portal
Ready for True Clarity?  

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