Friday, November 27, 2020

Advertising Credits - 5 ways to grow during the pandemic

As every penny counts when it comes to your business , we offer you yet another way save some money , and potentially create and additional revenue stream.   

70.9 percent
In 2019, advertising accounted for the majority of Google's total revenue, which amounted to a total of 160.74 billion U.S. dollars. In the most recent fiscal period, advertising revenue through Google Sites made up 70.9 percent of the company's revenues. 
Ok so you are not google, and I get that but if they can make 160 billion , we can likely make something and every little bit helps.  The secret weapon here.... Vendor Purchase Discounts or Credits. 

Remotenet Advertising Banners

Using our latest updates for the Remotenet web engine you now have extended options for banner advertisements.  These banners allow you to have specific targeted information about what is on the page or the products a customer is viewing and allow them to click on a banner to be brought to a special template of products, or an external link such as a vendor’s or partners website for more information.

The difference between you and google here , is that you don't have to get paid per click and your partners likely already have rebates and chargebacks they own you money on. This means they can take advantage of advertising and marketing credits with little or no added costs. And this can translate into both savings and shared revenue for both partners. "Its a Win-Win!!" 

Here is an example of a marketing emails your team can send out to potential product partners. 

 Advertise with Our Company!

The Opportunity to Sell Your Brand

· Exposure to targeted groups of online ordering customers on log in.

· A spot on our website Advertisements page.

· Increased awareness of your products and offerings.

The Price $xx/mo., $xx/qtr., or $xxxx/yr.

· Equal share time slot on rotating banner with other advertisers or dedicated option.

· Vendor advertisers can pay with a Purchase Discount to our account.

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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Smarter Shipping - 5 ways to grow during the pandemic

5 ways to grow during the pandemic. As shipping becomes a larger part of the cost of doing business, and margins keep shrinking. We are always on the lookout for new ways for you to save on your shipping costs. To that end, we would like to introduce Intelligent Audit Shipping Solutions. 

Intelligent Audit is a leading logistics technology provider focused on reducing transportation costs       
through automated freight audit and recovery across  all transportation modes, business intelligence analytics, and spend optimization solutions. 
In short it is a technology solution that provides insights to help companies ship smarter and audits your existing contracts to help you find pricing and billing discrepancies..  
As with any integration , it's important for the partners to be able to effectively communicate, as such the MDS-Nx System can now create a standard integration file with Intelligent Audit to allow our clients the ability to audit their shipping costs , make sure that all contracted prices are begin charged and make suggestions for optimizing freight and shipping solutions. 

Don't leave money on the table, as this technology can help you save on existing costs with no operational changes, and can possibly help you find better solutions logistics and shipping. 

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Friday, November 13, 2020

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater...

Meaning of 'Don't Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater'


The phrase to throw the baby out with the bathwater means to discard something valuable along with other things that are undesirable.

It is a loan translation from the German phrase das Kind mit dem Bade ausschütten, literally to empty out the child with the bath, first recorded in 1512. For example, in German Literature, translated from the German of Wolfgang Menzel1. By C. C. Felton2 (Boston, Massachusetts – 1840).

Often when looking at enterprise software, we want to go with the latest and greatest technology , sometimes are the expense of our existing infrastructure and client base. 

How many of you use the fax every day? Interestingly enough we hear disturbing rumors that over 20 years since the birth of the commercial Internet, fax machines remain in wide use in the economy. 

Image result for fax machine meme
According to CBinsights 
Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev said most traditional stock brokerages “still run on paper and fax machines.” 

And get this 

The worst offender appears to be the US health care industry. Surveys show a majority of medical communication, including sharing of patient data, still happens by fax. 

Related image

Might the use of fax machines be positively correlated with an industry’s lack of innovation?
or Is this just an American thing like writing checks?

While we may not understand fully this somewhat old school approach,  we at TSH still have your covered. 

The MDS-Nx System is specifically tailored to the needs of the health care community.  So it is no surprise, We offer an integrated fax option for all your documents and customer communications.  Better yet when using our Cloud based software there is just one low monthly fee including all faxing, emails etc. and no usage based pricing so you can have as many clients and orders and product as you like. 

So while we do encourage you to drop the fax , we don't look down on it. 
on the contrary , whatever your needs,  we provide.. 

So keep on faxing, we got this.. 

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Friday, November 6, 2020

Clarity through Communication

Our belief is that Better Communication leads Better Cash Flow and Simplified Clarity , to facilitate better communication web based tools have made that payment process much more streamlined and efficient.

Utilizing the MDS-Nx System you now have access to 5 new Remote net Portals. Each portal is a piece of the Remote net Ecosystem and allows for different tools to communicate more effectively. 

Today we highlight the MDS-Nx Vendor Portal 

The MDS-Nx Vendor Portal allows you to give the tools to your vendors to see how they are doing with your company in terms of sales, check the status of pending purchase orders , and review open invoices that have been paid or are awaiting payment. 

I also allow them to see how you paid off each invoice. Lastly for those who want it – vendors can submit invoices for purchase orders that are outstanding and they will go into the EDI 810 processing system allowing you to review and approve the charges then pay them. 

Once a vendor is ready to be paid, you can utilize the MDS-Nx AP transfer subsystem to pay them via a credit card or ACH payment. For either process they would receive an email confirmation. Alternately if a check is sent they can be emailed the stubs and a copy of the remittance. 

By allowing your vendors visibility into what is selling, what is open on the payables side and what has not been delivered, you can remove the back and forth communication,  and provide them real time information. By knowing which of their products is selling or not  selling. This allows local manufacturer reps to understand the sales profile of your company and suggest similar or complimentary product as well as where there might be some problems selling certain product lines. More than just Ecommerce these portals enable better and faster communication 24/7 via the internet.  Remotenet Vendor Portal
Ready for True Clarity?  

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