Friday, October 30, 2020

Ways to grow your business during the pandemic (CardKnox Gateway)

Regardless of how you feel about our postal services, they have had to shoulder a larger load due to the pandemic. Shipping services like UPS, Fedex etc. have also felt the heavier load and that translates into higher costs for shipping product slower deliveries and higher costs to service your customers. So how can we do our part to reduce the load on the USPS? 

We are exploring some new ways to grow your business in the pandemic by leveraging some new technology. 

Like many businesses, TSH has moved to a telecommuting model and will no longer have the ability to receive and process physical payments on a daily basis. Consequently, we are transitioning  to accepting only digital payment forms including ACH, Wire, and credit card payments. It would seem that is the direction many companies are moving in, and we would encourage you to do so as well. 

Todays message is about Electronic Payments 

TSH is now proud to announce our latest Electronic Payment Partner.

Cardknox, a new payment gateway integration for The Systems House. Cardknox currently supports many unique features to avoid credit card processing frustrations, and includes a wide range of advanced features to greatly simplify your day-to-day procedures.

  • Easily Process both Partial and Unlinked Credits with no additional paperwork

  • Automatic Account Updater Tool to Reduce Card-On-File Declines

  • ACH Processing Supported for decreased rates and increased dispute protection

The quick and simple switch to Cardknox will also provide you with a host of other features, including:

  • Data Tokenization & Secure Storage of Payment Information

  • Ability to process Quick Sale transactions

  • Intelligent Routing for Optimized Rates 

  • Expedited Amex Funding - even with Amex Direct accounts

  • Avoid Rate Downgrades with Capture Optimizer 

  • Recurring Payment Scheduling

  • Built in 3-D Secure Technology 

  • EMV Capability for Card Present Payments

  • Simplified PCI Compliance

  • White Glove Customer Support

Make the move toward reduced overhead costs and improved operations, and get access to Cardknox’s customer service teams for hands-on support with all things payments.

To learn more about Cardknox or to get started, please visit or click below.

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If you have any further questions about the Cardknox integration just give us a call.

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