Friday, November 27, 2015

3 Ways to Increase your virtual inventory footprint...

What is a virtual inventory footprint? 

It's really just a more complicated way of explaining that the traditional models of purchasing goods, holding them in the warehouse and then shipping them are changing and hence creating a "virtual" inventory footprint in your warehouse. Handling the logistics of the new virtual inventory mode can be complicated so today we are discussing three software tools the MDS-Nx System offers to streamline and simplify the process. 

Cross-docking is a practice in logistics of unloading materials from an incoming semi-trailer truck or railroad car and loading these materials directly into outbound trucks, trailers, or rail cars, with little or no storage in between. This may be done to change type of conveyance, to sort material intended for different destinations, or to combine material from different origins into transport vehicles (or containers) with the same, or similar destination.

The MDS System allows for cross docking in multiple ways but a simple example is our Special Sales Order System.  This Systems allow you to order items for a specific customer or customers and is different then a drop ship in that the items are shipped from your warehouse.  Because of this you can aggregate multiple sales orders into one purchase order but still maintain specific allocation for which orders when the purchase order is received.  This saves time in warehouse if the item is a special order for multiple customers, by  allowing your company to receive it and getting alerted during the process to cross dock. This would move the good from the receiving location to the outbound shipping queue, rather then putting the goods away on the shelf and generating an additional picking document. 

Drop Ship Orders - Zero Inventory virtual systems, the MDS_nx System allows you to flag individual sales order line or entire sales orders as drop shipped from a specific vendor, once this option is chosen the system will automatically create a purchase order to your vendor and optionally send it electronically via email/fax/edi 850 Purchase Order.  Once your vendor invoices you , either manually or via EDI 810 invoicing the system with then automatically Invoice your customer, no addl steps required. 

Next Day Vendor - Ship with other goods (SWOG) , Often you may have a mix of goods on a single sales order and want to ship them together, this is often a requirement of some government or state contracts. to facilitate this the MDS-Nx system offers the Next Day/Ship with other Goods option. This will hold the inventory for the order and wait for all additional lines to come into the warehouse. Options exist to create the paperwork upfront saving time and effort by allowing the warehouse to manage the shipping, or it can create the paperwork and or electronically send to shipping when all goods are in warehouse. 

This allows you to combine both your virtual and physical inventory into a single shipping step. 

All three options let you extend the functionality of your supply chain and expand the product offerings to your clients, translating into increase sales and customer satisfaction. 

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Inbound Shipments: One Added benefit of the DQSA...

Image result for hdma 856As the DQSA (Drug Quality and Security Act) or Drug Pedigree law's update yet again , what is clear is that most supply chain partners seem to be exchanging this information us the HDMA Standard EDI 856 Advanced shipping notice

Our healthcare specific versions of the MDS-Nx Software platform offer the ability to both import and export your data in this standard format. However even if you are not using the inbound 856 documents for drug pedigree or T3 Information , they have an additional added benefit. 

 Integrate your vendors shipping schedule into your warehouse 
 Save Time Money and Warehouse Space!!

The MDS-Nx system will import this information and update the in transit table to give your purchase orders a new level of detail. Instead of wondering when items will arrive you will have details by line of each shipment that will be coming to your dock.  Prior to the truck rolling up to your dock you can plan where the product will be put away or use our Put-away function to manage the receiving process. During  receiving  any operator can call up the In transit document and verify the products are received.  This saves time and reduces data entry errors. while at the same time offering the option to schedule your labor and warehouse space.  If using our Pharma Modules this information also updates and creates your T3 , Transaction information and creates your pedigree documentation as well as the ability to send EDI 856's yourself.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Simplify and Communicate using SOP's

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Business Software and Supply Chain Management go hand in hand with an SOP. Keeping countless spreadsheets and having one person be the one who can run your business processes limits not only your growth, but also your daily operations. Integrating an SOP is a standard part of the MDS System and during implementation we work with your and your team to define and document these steps. 

For Many of our clients getting VAWD Certified means you have to put these SOP's into practice, but for any business large or small it's part of making sure everyone is on the same page. Used properly the SOP is the building block for success

Simplify Your Business with an SOP

One of the best ways to ensure your business runs smoothly is by creating a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) manual that documents all of your business’s procedures, tasks and activities. An SOP manual can alleviate stress, disorder and chaos from your place of business by streamlining all of your regular business tasks.
Want to take a day off or go on vacation? With an SOP in place, you can leave your business in good hands, knowing that all daily tasks and activities have already been documented and will be implemented according to what has already been put in place. An SOP can also legitimize your business for your employees. For your customers, it will create a seamless, professional look and feel, encouraging confidence in your business.
  1. Begin with a purpose. 
    Make sure you determine exactly what the purpose of your SOP will be — usually, to document your daily activities and serve as a guide for the running of your company — and the scope of work that you will be describing. Many times, an SOP includes descriptions for each procedure (opening/closing rituals, cash-register management, etc.), job descriptions and responsibilities, rules and consequences for breaking the rules (attendance policies and more), and proper equipment-management procedures.
  2. Use a template.
    Free SOP templates are available online and greatly reduce the confusion of creating an SOP from scratch. Using an SOP template, or building one from an existing SOP, can also save you precious time — which gives you more time to manage your business.
  3. Go into detail. 
    The best SOPs leave nothing to chance. Be specific in your SOP — make sure to describe equipment and products by name, and be specific about the various locations around your place of business. When necessary, include organizational charts and maps plotting out your business, and designate certain areas of your building for specific things — i.e. the mail room — to alleviate staff confusion.
  4. Put it into place. 
    Make the SOP a focus of your business practices. Let your employees know where it is and ensure they learn it.
Finally, emphasize the importance of following the SOP. If your employees know their job descriptions and the company’s rules, all aspects of your business should run more smoothly — taking the pressure off of you as a business owner. Additionally, as your company grows, having an SOP in place will make the growth easier to handle. Update the SOP manual periodically to reflect job description changes and other modifications.

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