Friday, June 5, 2015

Stumbling in the clouds?

According to recent research, nearly half of all companies launching a cloud strategy in the past year reported a halt to their hosting implementations, with more than 70 percent instituting a design change. Only about 27 percent said they were “extremely satisfied” with their cloud vendor. Not what I would call an high success rate.
Having said that the trend towards the cloud is not slowing down as it still can provide greater value from data infrastructure. This leaves most organizations in a bind because on the one hand the cloud promises all manner of advanced data capabilities, and is indeed key to any business strategy for the twenty-first century, but on the other has the potential to wreak havoc on the business model in the here and now.
Image result for stumbling in the darkThe key is to chose the right partner.

A major drawback of many cloud implementations is that there is no integration from the software vendor and the cloud technology provider, so something as simple as a monthly backup strategy with offsite storage and redundancy is not even an offering on many cloud providers and requires yet another vendor and completely separate server to implement what was once a relatively simple task.

Additionally cloud providers typically are not aware of your business practices, regulatory requirements and security needs, or if they are they generally tend to make push those tasks back to you. For example PCI Compliance for credit card security, which is a larger and larger requirement is not typically the providers responsibility but rather your company's.

And though it may be small comfort, realize that many vendors implementing the shift to a cloud footing are encountering problems of their own. Both Microsoft and IBM are seeing their traditional software licensing models erode even as subscription and service activity picks up in the cloud.

So while you might be in good company, and there are many pitfalls, the message for this one is that y partnering with a solution provider dedicate to the Industry with specific business knowledge and proven cloud implementations in proactive for over ten years. It seems that while the benefits of cloud computing are here to stay, when all is said and done, we will probably have a dramatically altered view of what the results are.

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