Friday, June 12, 2015

My Tech is Better than Your Tech...

Image result for apple watchSupply chain technology can not only establish you as the vendor of choice for your customers, but it can also be an addition to the revenue stream.

McKesson currently leads list of top revenue-generating Health care IT vendors, McKesson was the leading revenue-generator in past three years among vendors in products for health care information technology, according to Healthcare Informatics.

"Vendors are working harder than ever to improve their offerings in terms of core functionality, design for workflow, integration and interoperability, health information exchange, and so on,"
 writes Mark Hagland, editor-in-chief of Healthcare Informatics.

Image result for My Tech is Better than Your Tech...While you may not be a leading multi billion dollar company  in health care technology, McKesson is also selling supplies to these same clients and is leveraging the technology sales as a tool for grabbing a piece of that supply chain spending. The same spending you as a member of the health care distribution community might be after.

While I am not suggesting you go into the health care IT space , I am suggesting that by leveraging a technology partner with the tools to allow you to compete with  McKesson you can not only compete more effectively but also add an additional revenue stream. All types of health care clients , doctors, hospitals, nursing homes etc are clamoring for new technology solutions to make them more efficient and save costs.

You can provide these tools using the MDS-Nx Suite of products, tools such as our:

  • RemoteNet - Customer Information Portal
  • Automated Inventory Modules, 
  • ScanConnect barcode scanning suite
  • Flexible and customizable labeling and packaging solutions 

All of these products allow you to provide the same if not better tool sets them the ones McKesson is offering to your potential clients.

Additionally these products are no longer seen as giveaway free products because the value is recognized as part of the supply chain. So either as a one time purchase or a monthly recurring fee, many offices will pay you a fee for the services you are providing.

The goal for this model is still to to focus and build the stickiness of the core business
distributing supply products. But by leveraging the same technology as the national players you can compete effectively at the same level with the same tools and technology
and can walk i the door proudly telling customers,

"My Tech is better!! "

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