Friday, May 16, 2014

What to do with those cheap flat panels....

Digital Signage for your Warehouse and Offices

As I wandered through Costco last week looking at all the flat panels and how the costs have dropped, it occurs to me that there is a place for them in the warehouse and possibly the office.

Many times workers are looking in the rear view mirror of the business, making choices based on goals and achievements made last week, last quarter, or last year. digital signage puts the focus on the future. In your company you may have spreadsheets, bar graphs, and charts, posted on the walls,  Well that's about how we did yesterday. Real-time information, though, can let workers see how they have done in the first few hours of the shift and what they have to do going forward.

Increasingly, warehouse operations are looking to digital signage to provide that sort of real-time data. That's part of a bigger move toward the technology: The worldwide digital signage marketplace is predicted to have strong growth, increasing annually at a rate of about 9 percent, between 2014 and 2020,

MarketsandMarkets predicts. By 2020, the market could be worth as much as $14.87 billion, the firm estimates.

By putting digital signs on the warehouse floor, organizations can provide a variety of information to workers, from progress toward set goals to safety reminders and corporate announcements. "It's all around employee motivation," . "The organization might announce that a shift is ending early because the workers are ahead, or they might put up anniversary announcements or notes about free pizza."

Digital signage solutions provide a lot of flexibility to users.  for example, it lets organizations choose to send real-time performance data to desktop computers, mobile devices, or to employee-facing digital signage and to send individualized and targeted content to each device. The end result is a measurable gain in productivity.

One study by Manufacturing Plant found that warehouses with digital signage systems captured a 20 percent boost in manufacturing productivity as well as concurrent reductions in defects, rework, and scrap, they reported a 10.3 percent increase in productivity by distribution centers immediately following introduction of real-time scoreboards.

Keep it Simple:

You have to make sure that goals and progress can be seen from far away, like green is good and red is not. You can get on board with two or three screens for $1,000 to $3,000 - make sure to place them were easily accessible and with most able to connect via WiFi you can ditch the wires and just get some power, connect them to your wireless network and send Real Time MDS Screens or Notes to the display.

If you want skip the Wifi Models, think about adding a chrome cast for 35 dollars and you are good to go.

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