Friday, May 2, 2014

MDS - Easy Answers to your Most Common Questions.

With all the consolidations in the software industry, what differentiates The Systems House, Inc.?

Since our founding in 1979, our focus has been in the Distribution Industry where we have a large base of installed clients. At this time, we remain the largest company dedicated solely to the needs of the Medical Distribution Industry. By targeting a specific vertical segment (healthcare) of the software industry, TSH avoids many of the potential pitfalls facing software development companies today. Our low overhead and highly technical staff allow us to be more agile than other companies when responding to software changes. Our focus in healthcare allows us to minimize the changes required to remain in the forefront of medical distribution software providers. As a result, we are able to thrive and grow in our market segment, insuring that we remain a viable partner for your company.

What is included in the MDS System?

MDS is a fully integrated comprehensive software product incorporating all requirements of a distribution software package. Designed to operate in a multi-facility environment, it incorporates every phase of business activity including Purchasing and Inventory Management, Order Processing and Warehouse Management, Accounting and General Ledger, and Integrated E-Commerce.

How are TSH and MDS tailored to the needs of the healthcare distributor?

Because of our focus on the healthcare supply chain, MDS incorporates specific features such as: customer and vendor contract management and rebate tracking, including the EDI submission of claims. Pharma requirements including lot control and serial number tracking with pedigree management, physician license tracking, DEA management and ARCOS reporting. Additionally MDS incorporates sales tools designed to service many healthcare market segments: Physician, Acute Care, Home Health, Long Term Care, Pharmaceuticals and EMS

What type of company is best served by MDS “Software as a Service” (Cloud/Saas)?

The Cloud/SaaS option is particularly attractive to smaller organizations that do not have in-house IT staffs, and anticipate rapid growth. The Cloud/SaaS approach allows a Customer to enjoy all the benefits of the MDS system for a low fixed monthly fee. TSH takes full responsibility for the operation of the system, including data backups. Further, Cloud/SaaS provides the ability to easily add users and capacity as the company grows.

What kind of training is offered?

TSH can offer a combination of web based, customer on-site, or classroom training at TSH as appropriate for the customer’s situation. Each installation includes a training budget that is tailored to the needs of the client.

Will TSH help migrate existing legacy data into MDS?
TSH will assist the customer in converting existing data to MDS. In fact we have successfully converted customers from many other software systems such as QuickBooks, DDS, MAS90/200, Peachtree as well as custom systems. For customers able to extract the required data, TSH provides standardized spreadsheets to simplify the conversion process.

What is the typical time frame for an MDS software implementation?

Depending on the scope of the installation, implementation is generally accomplished between 60 and 120 days after the start of the process.
How large a company do we have to be to implement MDS?

Because MDS is available as both an in-house as well as a Cloud/SaaS installation, TSH can service companies ranging in size from as little as 4 users and $1MM in sales, up to multi-company, multi-location companies with hundreds of users..

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