Friday, March 7, 2014

Using predictive analysis to keep your money safe.

You may have heard this story, We got this great order but we shipped the goods and now we are sitting on a big receivable. But the customer is telling us we will get our check next week  and we don't know if we are ever going to see the money. 

Some call it the cost of doing business, and many tools currently exist the MDS system to help prevent this situation from happening. 

However today we bring you latest and greatest tool in the arsenal against bad debt. 

Predictive analysis.. 

In it's simplest form it says look at what this customer or customers like him have done in the past and that will tell you if you should extend him more credit or tell him you need a COD on this order. 

Key elements are assigned a value in each calculation and before each order and or before each shipment a calculation is run to determine how the the order should be treated. 

Available fields used in calculations:

  • Customer's Open Order Dollars    
  • Customers A/R Balance         
  • Date of the Customers Oldest Invoice 
  • Total Days in AR Open

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