Friday, March 14, 2014

Grand Central Station of a company’s digital universe

For many companies thousands or even millions of dollars are poured into their website each year, on everything from design, content, media, SEO (search engine optimization), promotion, and advertising, to hosting, infrastructure, and more. 
After all, a website is the Grand Central Station of a company’s digital universe. 
According to a 2013 study by Gartner,total spend on “digital marketing” by large companies is now over $500B annually. 
But is that money spent properly? What are some of the reasons most B2B Websites fall short? What makes a website truly great? Is it a beautiful, award-winning design, a cutting-edge user experience? Or is it simply tied to the amount of monetary invested? The bigger the budget, the better the website, right?
Here is an edited list and some suggestions on how our RemoteNet Integrated B2B solution can help your company address them. 
1) No Clear Description / Calls-to-Action - using our new re-order templates items that a customer has not purchased within X days automatically suggest re-orders and allow them to quick add to the existing order.
2) Cluttered Design - our simplified layout tools give you the control over your templates to add or remove widgets as needed 

3) Lack of Fresh (and Valuable) Content - our automated social media tools automatically analyze top selling and best selling items and create updated list and web pages with your best selling and top selling items. 

4) Difficult to Find the Right Information - with our enhanced search tools including drill downs by category with multiple class hierarchical design as well as prebuilt templates by customer showing them Items they have bought before, Items they have specialized contract pricing (Pricing Guides) , Items due for a ReOrder  it's easy to find items you are searching for. 

According to the Science of Website Redesign, 76% of consumers say the most important factor in a website's design is "the website makes it easy for me to find what I want."
“The most important part of a perfectly designed website is connecting the user with the information they came to find. If your design is easy to navigate and captures the interest of the user, you have likely made good design decisions. This doesn’t mean using the same standard layout every time, but thinking through the objective of your project and the audience you are targeting.”

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