Friday, February 14, 2014

Trend graphs - How to get ahead of the curve

Ways to Spot Trends Before They Happen 

Want to recognize the next big thing before everyone else? Here's how it's done.

By analyzing trends with key performance indicators you can get a snapshot picture of a specific key metric but by using trend lines you can see information in a visual way and react before others to gain a business advantage.

As an example you can watch and forecast trends in item sales by category. Then you can track the sales volume of a specific item class to catch items where sales trends are up. Once the trend is identified you can then ramp up purchasing to allow you to have sufficient inventory to cover the increased demand and outsell your competitors by a wide margin.

By using the one of the two hundred trend analysis graphs built into the MDS system or by customizing one of the existing trending tools you can easily take advantage of this cutting edge business tool.

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