Friday, February 21, 2014

“How’m I doing?!” - Ed Koch Lives on

Ed Koch, the former New York City mayor who died in February featured his trademark question:  “How am I doing?!” Today, the legacy of “How’m I doing?” lives on digitally.  Facebook, Amazon, eBay and other huge brands have made billions by providing the forum for people to ask and answer that question.

But how do you know and objectively measure how you are doing? our new Trend KPI offers a concrete way to see and measure how you are doing. 

With the addition of our MDS Trend Statistics Key Performance Indicators , the MDS system expands your ability to say how am I doing on any one of over two hundred specific system metrics and view in real time the percent change on a daily, weekly , monthly and annual basis.
No longer do you have to do complex calculations for trend indicators you can simply add them to your MDS dashboard and keep track of sales, Inventory, Accounting and any other key areas of your business with a simple and easy to understand number. 

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