Friday, December 27, 2013

Trust but Verify, A Solution for Short Dated Products..

Short dated and expired goods – whose responsibility is it?

It seems that  wholesalers/suppliers and manufacturers cannot agree on who should take the financial hit when products need to be pulled from the shelf. 

As a distributor since you use inventory control practices to ensure consistent product turns, which drive the re-order process, Those controls should be able to minimize the incidence of non-salable expired goods.  However having said that it's not always consistent across the board and many vendors offer different policies about returning expired goods.

Additionally it can be a significant sales opportunity if you are aware of, and have the information on what products are going to become short dated and use that to make a large sale or purchase. 

If there is a business "partnership" where the supplier agrees to ship you items with a minimum expiration date with the MDS-Nx you can now Trust but Verify.

On a vendor by vendor basis you can now setup business rules to prevent short dated product from getting into your inventory or advise you in real time so you can make a business decision, negotiate pricing, or find a buyer before you lose your inventory investment. 

Based upon rules in the vendor profile you can decide what is considered short dated and display warnings as well as generate alerts based upon any product that is received if it does not meet your criteria..

Increase your profits 

Prevent waste 

and use our business tools to 

"Trust but Verify"

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