Friday, December 13, 2013

Sticky Marketing - Make your Own Reorder Labels

The MDS-Nx System now offers Reorder Labels  designed to support long-term care , Retail Pharmacy and offers integration with our ScanConnect Web Based Inventory Management System. 

Reorder Labels can contain standard Product label information as well as contact information, pricing and quantity as well as the date ordered to prompt the  customer to reorder in a timely fashion.  Reorder Labels are a standard Zebra label and use off the shelf and readily available technology.

Reorder Labels integrate with our Fast and Accurate Barcode Inventory Management System called ScanConnect. With ScanConnect your customers can reorder by using barcode scanners directly in each facility and sending the orders to you via the Internet.

It benefits both you and your customers by:
  • Saving time and order costs
  • Eliminating keystroke-generated errors
  • Reviewing scheduled orders allowing for inventory management and automated reorders

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