Friday, May 27, 2022

Scan - Track - Deliver - Simple Easy Software to Take Control of your Last Mile Delivery


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Take Control of Your Deliveries with Delivery Master

Delivery Master allows you to improve delivery efficiency and accuracy. Control and track the shipment and delivery of customer orders from the shipping dock right to your customer's hands. With Delivery Master you will know the correct packages are delivered to each customer and have the proof of delivery with an electronic signature, available to all authorized staff members in your organization.

With Delivery Master You Can
  • Improve truck routing and scheduling
  • Download the electronic manifest to a handheld device, then record delivery and stop information
  • Displays manifest by Route and StopScan packages to ensure the right delivery is being made
  • Capture signatures electronically
  • Capture Delivery Images
  • Ensure all packages are delivered because each package is scanned onto the truck and off of the truck
  • Minimize missed, lost or delayed shipments that could become collection or customer service nightmares
  • Keep a history of all delivered packages sorted by Customer and Driver
  • Update collected signatures to your Server with GeoTags for location verification

Ready to Take Control of your Last Mile

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