Friday, December 11, 2020

Punchout - Moving EDI into Real Time

Everyone talks about the benefits of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and how it makes it so much easier to send data between different systems. We can debate the merits and costs and see what makes sense, But often many people overlook a major issue with the current EDI model. 

 Because it was based on an offline model all of EDI is based on files and responses. So the concept is you send me a file I send you a message saying I got your file and then I respond with any issues and or status updates. In todays real time world, that just doesn't always work. And while EDI is here to stay at least for a while, Today we wanted to introduce to you another alternative that offers similar functionality with a number of added benefits. The biggest being it allows for real time interactivity.

Punchout Catalogs - Why is Mike Tyson Involved in Purchasing? 

Punchout catalogs are websites that are maintained by a procurement vendor, In this model that would be you. These websites are typically based on your eCommerce site (RemoteNet)  and list the products offered and their associated prices. To create requisitions from these catalogs, agency customers “punchout” to the website from within the Buyer application (Lawson, Peoplesoft, MediClick , SAP etc)  choose the items to purchase, and “punch in” the appropriate information to their requisition before the order is submitted. The Mike Tyson tie in is for a select few who remember the video game. He doesn't really have anything to do with it. 


Benefits of Using Punchout Catalogs:

Reduced Data Entry Errors icon

Reduced Data Entry Errors: Using a catalog makes purchasing easier for agency customers and vendors by pre-populating information (e.g., accounting) on the requisition.

Up-To-Date Information icon

Up-To-Date Information: Catalog pricing is regularly  reviewed and updated by Purchasing Dept to confirm that agency customers are receiving the most recent state term pricing.

eCommerce-like Shopping Experience icon

eCommerce-like Shopping Experience: Catalogs simplify the buying process by letting customers conduct product searches and comparisons

Simplified and Centralized Purchasing icon

Simplified and Centralized Purchasing: By accessing catalogs in their own applications, agency customers can easily view state term pricing. Since all catalogs are centralized in one application, it also promotes purchasing consolidation and improved spend management visibility for your clients.

Improved Productivity icon

Improved Productivity: Using automated approval flows, customers can enhance productivity with reduced cycle times. Auto-populated fields also provide time savings.

Agency Customer Preference icon

Agency Customer Preference:  Customers prefer catalogs (both line item and punchout) over manually entering requisitions in the system.



eInvoicing icon

Punchout Also allows vendors to invoice the for payment electronically. Benefits to eInvoicing include the following:

  • Reduced paper flow and associated costs;
  • Reduced payment cycle time; and
  • Improved data accuracy.

Ready to Play Punchout? 

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