Friday, September 18, 2020

Time to restructure your warehouse?

Doing more with less has taken on a new meaning during the pandemic. While Inventory and warehouse expense represent the two largest investments in a distribution environment, The time to restructure your warehouse and business operations could not be better. 

An efficiently managed warehouse will provide the greatest financial return on investment, in addition to achieving greater levels of productivity and cost savings. The MDS Warehouse Management System (MDS-WMS) is a powerful solution for automating the inventory handling process in your warehouse.
Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and proven product management techniques, it provides a comprehensive and cost-effective warehouse management solution. MDS-WMS works as part of a complete software solution by integrating wireless and bar-coding technologies, shipping systems and other warehouse automation equipment such as Carousels, PTL (Pick To Light), Voice directed picking, and Sortation systems.

Competitive Advantage

MDS Warehouse Management System provides you with a technological edge that maximizes the efficiency of your warehouse and supply chain personnel. This translates into a competitive advantage that provides improved customer service, greater accuracy and superior efficiency for your entire organization.


MDS Warehouse Management System has been updated to work with either Windows Mobile or any Browser based handed units, for example android, apple or windows. Off the shelf blue tooth scanners or integrated cameras can also be used for barcode scanning. 
Ready to  restructure and modernize your warehouse? 

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