Friday, November 9, 2018

Going Green - Is it really worth it?

Image result for go greenAccording to a Gartner Study Firms will focus more on sustainability for 2019
But is it just 'lip service'?

Sustainability will move up the business agenda as the economy grows according to a Gartner Study.

However, members of the Jury were divided on firm's motives for embracing the strategy, with some saying it was due to better cash flow and others saying sustainability had a contribution to make the bottom line in and of itself.

According to analyst James Bruwer, “Unfortunately we continuously see that – with the exception of some big firms – the issue of sustainability gets diluted during hard economic times and is recovered when the economy returns to growth.”

The study concludes that a general perception persists out in the wider world that sustainability is still a green fad and a bolt-on, rather than a fundamental part of an organization’s operations.

The reality it seems is that Sustainability via legislation is the only way to always deliver change, however, apart from in specific areas and specific industries there will always be other priorities that will drive the focus on "Going Green".

So do the numbers make sense? Show me the money...

Image result for go green cashThere are multiple ways in which your business can stand to gain from going green. From tax rebates to pricing incentives from various public bodies and environmental organizations to increased interest from consumers, a green reputation for your business can be worth millions of that other green we all love: cash.
Government Incentives. The EPA has strict laws protecting our environment from businesses and their resulting hazardous by-products. It is not enough to follow the bare minimum EPA regulations like dealing with toxic substances like lead paint or mold. The government offers incentives at a state and federal level to businesses in the form of tax breaks and credits. Maximize these incentives by checking out the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency to find out what government incentives your business is eligible for in your state.

But let's ask ourselves , maybe it doesn't really matter as it "feels good" and sales is often about making our customers feel good. 

Customer Perceptions. A Nielsen study of consumer attitudes across 60 countries found that 55% of consumers worldwide would pay a premium for products offered by eco-friendly and socially responsible companies. These consumer claims are also backed up by research of actual sales figures.
Contributing to maintaining and upkeep of your immediate surroundings builds a positive image about your company in the local community. According to the Network for Business Stability, sales grow by $6 for every dollar donated by a company towards green initiatives.
The Green Procurement Compilation created by the General Services Administration in the United States offers detailed requirements from an ecological perspective for various products and services. Check out what the requirements are for your product category and get set to supply for large government contracts.

Image result for reduce reuse recycle Reduce your consumption of natural resources

The simplest and quickest way to becoming less of a burden on the planet is by reducing the amount of resources you and your business consume. Not only will this reduction be light on your pocket, it will also go a long way in conserving non-renewable resources like oil and natural gas. Some areas that businesses can reduce include:
  • Reduce paper usage by opting for double sided printing. 
  • Better yet move all customer invoicing to Electronic via Email or EDI 
  • Reduce waste by incorporating our MDS Vendor Portal to allow vendor to submit your invoices online (streamline your A/P Process as well) 
  • Another way of reducing your paper consumption is by going electronic using MDS Document Management. Take your record keeping, internal communications, and customer communications to the cloud and save huge money on printing, paper and filing expenses.
  • Reduce the use of electricity by moving to the cloud, cloud servers and data centers are generally more efficient and will save you money on eletrical , storage costs and possibly Internet costs.
  • Business travel, whether local or international, has a huge impact on consumption of fossil fuels. Reduce these consumption levels by opting instead for Internet Based Training and Meetings using video conferencing with clients, partners or co-workers based in different locations. Skype, Google Hangouts, even FaceTime are free alternatives to expensive business trips.
  • Reduce the amount of packaging your product uses. Alternately switch to eco-friendly packaging to lower your environmental footprint.

Are you ready to Go Green using Technology?

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