Friday, August 19, 2016

The secret to the perfect fill rate, Next Day Shipping (JIT)

Use your vendor partners to get your fill rates where they need to be

 An ever elusive goal is the perfect order, 100% fulfillment and no backorders, but the reality of today's business is that heavy inventory investment is no longer a possibility.  You can just keep everything in stock any more.

To help you compete in the fast paced "JIT"- Just in Time , or Next Day Shipping environments, MDS now offers a Next Day Vendor module. Rather then try to figure out usage patterns and forecast demand etc.. 

You can now pass those headaches to your vendors and make the process transparent to your customers. 
Many distributors already do this and we have already discussed our special Tie to sales order PO logic - which allows you to take a sales order and have it create a special po to ship and match to the sales order, - well with the next day vendor logic , any Item flagged as next day vendor is treated as in stock and will go on a building order for that vendor. 

The Major difference is that it will show up in the warehouse on the picking documents with a flag indicating the item will be next day shipped. Customers wont see any evidence that you shipped from an alternate source. 

Many vendors allow you to aggregate orders for the day and take one big purchase order for all the items you need for the day. The will then ship them overnite and have them at your warehouse the next morning. 

Your customer's order will then ship the next day with the other goods you already had in stock. and you can cut down on the paper work  with a single purchase order to your vendor and no second or third shipping documents. 

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