Friday, April 8, 2016

Automated Substitutions to help your bottom line.

Image result for product substituteAutomated Substitutions just got a lot easier..  

A great way to earn more money and still provide the best level of service for your customer is through the use of Generic or Private Label products that offer the same quality at a better price and typically a higher gross margin. In the pharmaceutical world it's not only established business practice, it's a whole separate industry.  For Medical Surgical distributors and the rest of the Distribution world a private branded generic alternative has many benefits. 

The MDS-Nx system easily allows you to designate alternate substitute item , Cross Sell Items and Up sell items to wring the most out of every line sold and every sales opportunity.. 

But hey. We digress, As a distributor balancing the need to push those products with your customers preferences can be a problem.  We want to sell sell sell and the bottom can sometime be king however now we have both sides of the puzzle figured out for you.

Easily manage customers who won't or can't take and equivalent product. 

Now with the Updated MDS Customer Specific Substitution Logic you can choose from a number of options that will make it much simpler to push those generics without causing customers who cannot or will not take a substitute product any problems. 

Options Include: 

  • Automatically changing items based upon a product profile or Requiring Operator Intervention
  • Customer Specific exemptions from substitutes on a specific item.
  • Tracking of the reason for the sub, (out of stock vs better margin etc)

So it's up to you and your sales reps how to handle your customers. Make the experience profitable and memorable and your customers will return time and time again. 

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