Friday, December 12, 2014

I learned by watching it on youtube..

FREE web based training videos to now available on our Support Web Site

Often when faced with a daily challenge , I will tell people to just google it , but more and more I am finding that people learn from video in a much more common and simple fashion. 
We wanted to give customers an easy and exciting new way to learn the MDS system. 
And a result we have released a set of training video's specifically tailored to the questions our customer have asked us. 

If you follow TED Talks you might enjoy this one,

But really the point in that video allow you to learn at your own pace , and while it's not interactive and responsive (yet) 
it does allow you to save time and money and you don't have to remember everything anymore..

Traditional training methods are still available via our Training Department but more and more clients are taking advantage of self paced web based training classes to familiarize themselves with the myriad of features within the MDS system. 

Want a specialized set of video's done for your company? Contact us today.. 

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