Friday, November 14, 2014

Emergency Medical Services supply usage is at an all time high.

Emergency Medical Services supply usage is at an all time high. Is your business focused on this exploding market?

There is a growing use of EMS as a “front door” to health care in the United States. People who need to go to a doctor, but do not have a primary care physician, are using an ambulance to get into the medical care system.

Increasingly, in both rural and urban settings, EMS is taking the place of the local doctor. With the growing number of uninsured patients and the continuing trend of a shortage of primary care providers this usage will
only increase. In addition terrorism, natural disasters and disease outbreaks are in the media everyday. As a result, ambulances are more and more the primary method of emergency care.

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As a Health care Supply Chain Member have you focused on this growing marketplace?
With MDS-EMS, you have the tools to address the needs of this growing marketplace!

And once you capture the client, you become the primary (if not sole) provider of all supplies and drugs used by the entire EMS system.

How to capitalize on this Market opportunity?

City/County EMS Departments - Funded though tax dollars, government systems are often more costly to administer; every aspect of the business must be cost effective and efficient. However, quite often they are substantially
understaffed or lack the needed resources and technology.

Volunteer Fire/EMS/Rescue Squads -
Typically run using local dollars and donations as well as personal time, these organizations don’t have the supply chain expertise or knowledge to run an efficient low cost operation.

Private Ambulance Providers - This business relies heavily on their ability to maintain cash flow and minimize expenses. After labor, supplies are their single largest ongoing expense. However, hiring an employee simply to maintain and record inventory is an expense that just isn’t needed.

You become the EMS Departments Supply chain organization.

MDS-EMS manages all aspects of the inventory requirements of an EMS organization..

With MDS-EMS the EMS organization can manage the important business of saving lives. Your company will handle the supplies,logistics and replenishment.

MDS-EMS is available as a standalone product or as a component of MDS - The Master Distribution System.

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