Friday, August 8, 2014

Social Secrets: Automating Social Media

Social media marketing is no longer solely for B2C companies. B2B marketers are recognizing the benefit of engaging with audiences via social networks. By creating an online persona for your company, you’re humanizing it, just as those in the consumer space do, creating a relationship that makes people feel like they know your brand and company personally.

91 percent of B2B companies are present on LinkedIn and more than 80 percent have Twitter and Facebook accounts. But just because they are “on” social, doesn’t mean these networks are being used efficiently or effectively.  According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, only 44 percent of B2B marketers have a documented social content strategy, meaning too many companies aren’t capitalizing on social media the way they could be.

The problem for many is content...
Who is going to write all those interesting posts and let customers and prospects know about your latest offerings as well as which products you should be selling?

Allow us to Introduce Data-Buzz
 Automate Your Social Media Using the Power of Data Analytics.

Data-Buzz's proprietary data algorithms use the power of Big Data in a simplified way, so that the technology is not the limiting factor, it's the incentive structure for your business. Big Data is a flashy buzzword tossed around in most industries today, but what does it mean for you? At the most basic level, it's about distilling meaning from an unprecedented volume of information generated by connected devices and new technologies. Big Data has the potential to help you see your customers and products in a new way.

The Systems House RemoteNet Web Platform takes advantage of the Data-Buzz analytics engine to automatically create and post content to your Company Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts automatically, allowing you to have daily fresh content to share with customers, prospects and people just searching for a product or deal.

Using the Power of Data-Buzz Your Remotenet Web site now becomes a social media engine
allowing the use of hashtags, social media links all from an automated and monitored source. 

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