Friday, October 4, 2013

Convenience Fee? No Problem..

MDS Offers additional credit card integration platforms

As a result of long-standing litigation against the cards brands, merchants are now permitted to charge customers a surcharge for paying with a credit card. Ten states still prohibit surcharging, and surcharges are still not allowed on signature and pin debit transactions.  Your business can charge customers a credit card fee, but there's a maze of rules, exceptions and even state laws to navigate to ensure you stay compliant with the terms of your merchant processing agreement.
OK so i lied... you got me, but like it or not many customers are demanding to use their cards more and more often, One approach is to find the best deal and stick with that processor, 

3Delta Systems (3DSI)

By adding the flexibility to allow you to connect to multiple processing gateways for each company in the MDS system you now have the leverage to negotiate with your bank and payment processor. 
While it's not the best solution, we can offer help to make sure you now have the right partner for credit card processing. 

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